Stalin Mackamillion Gets Real With His Brand New Video "I See Fire"

With his latest video, “I See Fire,” Stalin Mackamillion is back and ready to discuss current events and personal experiences with his fans. When the pandemic was at its worst, the rapper was first inspired to “inspire people out of their darkness” after hearing Ed Sheeran’s song “I See Fire” during the film’s closing credits. He was thinking of a better future while a prisoner at the Lorrain Correctional Facility. The artist quickly found himself at Ohio’s “Top of the World Studios” to record and publish this song. Stalin Mackamillion has all the resources at his ability to spread his message now.
As the rapper opens out about his background and the problems in the world, the music video shows scenes of protest, violence, and striving for change. Yet, he maintains his self-assurance despite all of this by saying things like “I put my life on the line, what they mad about? I’m still here, so I’m chosen, yeah, but still, they doubt” and “Some create their own hell but they still blind, You get what you focus on, and that’s some real-time.”  “I See Fire” is excellent. We’re eager to see what else Stalin Mackamillion has to give.

Check out our recent Interview with Stalin Mackamillion Below.

When we heard your song “I See Fire,” I noticed that you were speaking about a lot of realness that’s going on in our black community; what was the message for you behind that?

I really want our community to educate ourselves and understand why, by “Law” in the “British System,” “Black” lives don’t matter. Look up the definition in any “Black Law’s Dictionary.” “LABELS MATTER”!

What would you be doing now if it weren’t for your music career?

I would be finding other ways to be a service to the people. I’m also in sales with a clean energy supplier now where I stay in Cleveland, Oh.
How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The Internet has been a major tool in music distribution, making it more accessible for independent artists to stretch their reach worldwide without a major label.
What is the most trouble you’ve gotten into? And how did the situation makes you who you are today?

I’ve been incarcerated for drugs, and the most time I’ve done has been 3 years and they’ve got seven years out of me. In those times of incarceration, I’ve educated myself and written a lot of music; that’s what kept me sane. Even though society looks down on you for being incarcerated, I still didn’t let it stop me. I remained resilient and faithful to my mission; I just had to re-align my thinking, and the people I associated with that wasn’t good for me. Now I’m fully focused on building my music brand and have no pending cases. I’ve been case free going on three years, and I’m proud of that because I couldn’t say that about myself some years back.

What is the best music advice you’ve been given?

Stay consistent and creative! If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? I think it should be a bigger payout for streams, but other than that, the business is how it’s supposed to be. So if you’re going to join the business, LEARN THE BUSINESS!

Which skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a musician?

Performance repetition. The more you perform, the more comfortable you become performing and the more effective you can be for your audience.

Who helped you most in your journey?

Shoutout Tony “The Insomniac” Ferguson with Real 106.1FM Cleveland; An IHeart Radio station!

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?

Definitely! My flow was really “Gritty,” and now that I’ve studied the industry, my music is more diverse and marketable. I still tap into that gritty punchline flow from time to time, though. LOL!

Name your top 5 songs that you think people are missing out on.
“From The O,” “Up Freestyle,” “Dine Wit’ The Devils,” “Get It In Blood,” and “Mythology.”

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