10 Best Hip-Hop Blogs That Wants To Hear Your Music In 2024

Artists Need To Send Their Music To Music Sites.

Any sort of art loses its relevance if it’s not marveled upon by an audience. Thus, music is also an art that needs to be heard by the eager ears of those who need it, and that cannot be achieved unless it’s promoted and put on music sites where thousands of listeners hunt for good music. And one of those music sites is a music blog.

Why Blogs Are Beneficial For Musicians?

Avid readers nowadays prefer to seek answers for their queries or research material of respective blogs. Therefore, it provides relevant and helpful information for the target audience, which could be your ticket to attract more listeners and fans. One of the most significant advantages is that the blog has no limit when it comes down to the number of characters—granting it more engaging content that attracts more readers.

The Ways You Can Approach Music Blogs.

If you are looking around ways to approach and get featured in a music blog, don’t worry, we got you!

  1. Research

    You may be creating a particular genre of music, or maybe it’s an album that consists of variety; either way, you should first pinpoint the perfect blog that covers your type of music. Then, it would be much easier for you to find listeners and their targeted audience.

  2. Have a clear motive and want.

    It might be a surprise for you about how plain, ambiguous, and straightforward emails most artists send to these boggers. Stand out! Be concise, and speak with objective; let them know precisely what you need and all your requirements. It’s a win-win situation as you get more written about you and get the information they need.

  3. Be Professional.

    You need to make sure that your email is precise and to the point, but also the language you speak should be formal and classy; make sure to double-check it to make rid of typos and possible grammatical errors. It would be advisable to get an extra pair of eyes to look at it for you.

  4. Consider Independent music blogs.

    It’s all cool and awesome if you get featured on one of the biggest music blogs, but do take a moment to consider smaller blogs as well. These micro-influencers may have few followers, but studies have shown higher audience engagement rates. They have a more targeted audience that could open up ample opportunities for your music career. They are also said to be managed by their people. Thus they will take their time and cover for you with meticulous care.

  5. Make It Easy For Them To Listen To Your Music.

    A disclaimer to not send any mp3 attachments, as many bloggers will have a filter that sends these emails directly to spam. Instead, use direct links. If it’s something exclusive, that’s even better, and you could create an EPK for its promotion. You can also include the song or album in a player with links to download the mp3 underneath. Feature a short bio, photos, and something about yourself so that they can easily pull together an article for you.

    Template for Email:


    • Introduce yourself, what kind of music you play, and where you are from (include band name) • Show your familiarity with the blog
    • Short, exciting story
    • Direct ask for coverage
    • Link to materials

    Here is how your letter must look like:

    Hi [Blogger’s name],

    My name is [insert your band name/ own name], and I am an indie-pop singer from (for example) Nashville.

    [Link to your website]

    [Blog name] has been a major source for discovering new artists and my favorite type of music. I’m a huge fan of the two artists you covered—[artist 1] and [artist 2]—and they had been a huge inspiration for my new album, which I recorded in studios across the US, as I had moved from east to west coast.

    Would [blog name] be interested in debuting my first single from my upcoming album, [album name]? I’m happy to give your readers a free download.

    Thank you for your time!
    [Your name]

They Might Be Looking For More Music From The Upcoming Musicians.

Music blogs need recent or exclusive music singles to keep their blogs going. If the cover for your music had attracted more readers and the engagement rate has gone up, you have a bigger chance of being featured again!

The 10 best Hip-Hop Music Blogs That Accept Submissions.

  1. Hip Hop Indie Music

    If you’re a fresh starter, then this blog is for you! It curates new music, videos, and community cultures. It has a wide range of acceptance for all styles of hip-hop music and encourages fresh contemporary artists to make their debut. Its audience loves the new music!

    Submission Email: hiphopindiemusicc@gmail.com Or jonmadden525@gmail.com


    As a nominee for the “Best Hip Hop Online Site” at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, it sure does live up to its name by being very responsive to upcoming hip-hop artists and showcasing new talents to the right audience. This blog is unique in its game for posting short posts and hip-hop videos and performances.

    Submission Email: 2dbz.music@gmail.com

  3. Upcoming Hip-Hop

    Are you an independent soloist, musician, or producer? Then this blog is for you. As a firm believer that every artist and producer deserves to have their fantastic music heard, this blog incorporates interviews, detailed insights into an artist’s background, premiers, reviews, advice/ criticism, and everything about any upcoming hip hop features!

    Submission Email: submit@upcominghiphop.net

  4. HipHop-N-More

    This blog owns a Saturday Spotlight series that highlights the exceptional and the “hottest” artists and producers in the hip-hop and R&B genres. This music is featured by the submissions it receives, providing its readers with the freshest hip-hop news, music, videos, interviews, and all kind of insights!

    Submission Email: hhnmsubmissions@gmail.com

  5. Underground Hip-Hop Blog

    Are you possibly an underground artist seeking publicity? Then this blog has been perhaps made for you! This is one of the most popular blogs with a high readership and social media presence covering everything from mainstream to experimental music. It covers any kind of promotion ranging from an exclusive video to a music video.

    Submission Email: UGHHBLOG@GMAIL.COM

  6. Earmilk

    This blog is mainly for those already down the line. That is, they are already recognized. Though, it still features and promotes underground artists! They got everything covered from the latest premieres. Earmilk uses the SubmitHub platform for music submissions and reviews.  

    Submission Info: submithub

  7. Cougar Microbes

    Next up, we have a London-based music blog that undertakes both British and all kinds of artists around the globe and features their new releases.

    Submission Info: They will take your requests via a service called MusoSoup

  8. Indie Shuffle

    This music blog that discovers new artists and new playlists was founded by Jason Grishkoff. Its primary focus is hip-hop, indie-rock, and electronic.

    Submission Info: submithub

  9. Hype Magazine

    This music blog has an enormous collection of singles, mixtapes, and all kinds of songs with a rating system of 1-5 stars. So if you want to submit your music without any extra stuff, you’re at the right place if you are the kind of artist.

    Submission Info Here.

  10. Grungecake

    This music blog’s artsy theme is what attracts and hooks up their readers, and they focus on the story of your musical creations. They would send you a guaranteed response so that no sender leaves unanswered!

    Submit Here.
These are only a few of those hundreds of Music Blogs for you to choose from! Just the right kind of blog and a perfect email is all it takes for you to get a feature and a chance for ample opportunities for your career to turn overnight.

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