Shan.X Has Released A New Single Titled "Me."

21-year-old singer, rapper, and model, Shan.X released a new song called "Me." The R&B song has a pop and rap influence on it. This record stands for personal development. "Me" is ultimately a love letter that Shan.X wrote to her younger self. When she was in a previous relationship, Shan.X claimed to have discovered that she wasn't entirely herself at the time, and that's when she put this song together. She concluded that she was dragging this burden because she didn't want my then-partner to witness how "bad" it got.

Shan.X sings about her flaws and shortcomings and the agony of her decisions, which is a proclamation of self-worth and has a genuine concept. X tackles the beat during this song with a commanding vocal authority, captivating melodies, and raspy rhythmic adlibs. She uses her music and the way she perceives the world to represent her life, and you can sense a certain amount of hardship and triumph in her voice. Powerful strings and recurring piano notes provide "Me" with a steady foundation that keeps listeners interested and relaxed.

Check out the Our Interview with Shan.X Below to get to know more about Shan.X.

How Long Does It Take For You To Write A song?

It varies honestly. It depends on the length of the song and how inspired I’m feeling at the moment, as well as how much I like the beat/song I’m writing to/writing. It can range from 10 mins to a few weeks to a few months honestly.

Do You Have Any Advice For Aspiring Songwriters?

Take your time and try different things. Music has no rules so just be as authentic as possible. Do what makes you happy. It always feels amazing when listeners like your art, especially if you put your truest self into it. People like to be able to connect and everyone goes through similar things so don’t be afraid to branch out and try out different writing styles, flows, cadences, whatever…

What Does Your Typical Day Look like?

On my typical day, I go to work then school or just school paired with some kind of task at home, like cleaning up, homework, writing music, reading or editing a video of some sort. I try to be up by 7am to 9 am just because I like feeling accomplished by the end of the day.

How Could You Describe Your Music?

I would say it’s like me; well rounded. I feel like anyone can find at least one song they really like by me. Of course I’m still working on it but I’m proud of how different my music can be. One minute I’m singing and the next I’m screaming.

What Was The Creative Process For Your New Song "Me"?

I, honestly, don’t really remember because I wrote it so long ago. However, I do remember that I was at a rough spot in my last relationship and I just felt so confused but knew for certain that I didn’t want my crazy, depressed, angry side to come out because I didn't want to scare my person, at the time, away. It was beginning to feel like I was grasping at straws trying to keep myself together all the time just to be “strong” for that person and it all kept blowing up in my face. The emotions I was feeling at that time is what birthed the song.

What Is Your Main Inspiration?

I would say that my main inspiration is the dream I have of making music my career. I would also say that my parents have been huge inspirations in my growing up because they had dreams when they had nothing, hardly food, and now their dreams have become their reality. I know that I can do the same; I just have to keep going.

Do You Have Any Artistic Collaboration Plans?

I, honestly, don't have any artistic collaborations set in stone, but I do have a bunch of ideas on who I would like to collaborate with. I just feel that I need to continue working on my craft because I do have a lot of improving and learning to do when it comes to creating music and growing my following so I’ve chosen to focus on that aspect of it all for now before delving into the collaboration plans.

What musician do you admire most and why?

I don't have a musician that I admire “the most '' but I do have a bunch that I love. Summer Walker, Sza, Lil Wayne, Rico Nasty, Ppcocaine, Kodak Black, Xlovclo, Coi Leray, 1600J, Lucki, UnotheActivist, Texaco, Gunna, Aboogie, Tylerthecreator, Lucky Daye and Pierre Bourne just to name a few.

What Is One Message That You Would Like To Give To Your Fans?

Well, I wouldn’t refer to the people who like my music and support me as my fans. But I would like to tell those people thank you so much for supporting me and liking the art I put out. The music I make is very special to me and it feels like I'm showcasing my most vulnerable, true self. So to have others like it means so so much to me. I want to create music that the people who support me can relate to; I don't want anyone to feel alone and I know that listening to music definitely helps me when I feel misunderstood by all the people around me. Hopefully, I can do the same for others.

When Was That First "Oh Shit" Moment When You Realized That Music Was Going To Pay Off For You?

I guess my first “oh shit” moment was when I released my first song. I had lied to my parents and packed a change of clothes on the way to my very “dress - formally” internship on Wall street when I was about 17 and snuck off to a studio I had been put on to by one of my friends. I used the money I had made from the internship to buy a pair of airpods so I could charge my phone while writing music at the job. I would go to the bathroom and be in there for about 2 hours writing, hoping my supervisor didn’t notice how long I was gone for. When I finished the song, “Games,” I paid for studio time for three weeks in a row and recorded the song. I remember being so nervous when I finished the song. I wasn’t sure if anyone would like it. To my surprise, not one person said that it was garbage and since then, I still haven’t gotten that kind of review.

Being able to create something that people liked off my first try was like “oh shit” to me because If this is where I’m starting from, I know I can go so very far.

What Is The Biggest Problem You Have Encountered In The Journey Of Music?

I would say that the biggest problem I have encountered in the journey of music is letting myself be okay with taking breaks from it. I’ve found it very hard to unplug and just block everything out, including social media because I want to keep creating and gaining a following surrounding my music. Sometimes, it feels like I’m burning out and like I have no choice but to keep it going, but that’s not true. It’s normal to take breaks in anything you do, so I’m trying to learn how to be okay with taking time for myself and my mental whenever I feel like I’m heading downhill.

Stay updated with her songs, live concerts, and YouTube Vlogging have gained popularity and support. On her YouTube channel, Shan.X discusses a range of private topics, including her personal life, hair care, and the songwriting process.

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