Dave West Prepares to Unveil New Music Following Success of "Into It"


Staten Island, NY native, Dave West has hit the ground running with new music! His most recent single, "Into It" has been successful in the pop music world! It provides a mixture of two vibes; dance and nostalgia. It's rare to find music that displays both high energy and in depth messages simultaneously but it seems like Dave West has mastered it early on in his career!

The next single due to hit the airwaves is "Bad Day to Be a Beer" which provides listeners with a pop & country feel! The up and coming pop star states that it will be available on streaming platforms next month! Beer in October is the perfect combination! 

With so many amazing things happening for the young artist, he reflects back to where his love for music began, "My earliest memories of music are deeply rooted into my family life. As the youngest child of four, I remember being constantly surrounded by music from my siblings' era and my parents' era. Not only was I always so intrigued by the sound of it, but it also invoked a sense of closeness to my family members that were hard to relate to being the age gap was so significant." This is what the world needs more of....music filled with energy, love, and light! Dave West's "Into It" displays both an old school and new school vibe, placing him on the map as a relatable artists to multiple demographics!

Every music artist starts somewhere and Dave West has made it very clear he will continue to reach for the stars and bless the ears of every listener that comes across his music! Be sure to check out Dave West's single "Into It" and follow him on Instagram as he embarks on his musical journey!



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