These 10 Best EPK Creators For Musicians

These days, a question being asked on the web is: What is an Electronic Press Kit or an EPK?

An Electronic Press Kit is like a digital form of a CV or resume, basically a Wikipedia page all about you, for artists like you!

Why Do People Think Electronic Press Kits Are Awesome?

EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) are most popular amongst artists as it sums up all about them in a single digital format. With the proper steps and precise information, you can attract any brand or label scouting for talent as it makes your music and passion attractive and easy to access.

Why you should Use Electronic Press Kits as a Musician

Despite its glamorous functions, not everyone takes advantage of it for not being aware of it. That would make you bold and highlighted from the rest!

One of the main reasons you should bring this into practice is that it makes you a more accessible approach for the industry’s recruitment forces.

An EPK is not for your fans or your viewers. Instead, it is a password-protected page that should have concise yet complete information about who you are and what you create. Any person scrounging for recruitment of talent would read your EPK.

Uses of EPK

As a musical artist, EPK has many uses. For instance, you are getting press. The press would consider you an artist worth paying attention to if you make their job easier. So whether it’s an article about your latest release or an interview for the local magazine—they’re going to want to see your EPK! EPK can also be your getaway to book a gig and tour! Music venues, showcases, festivals, and showcases would love to look over your EPK. The more professional it is, the more likely you will get a spot on their lists of different performers.

Even if you are still in the early stages of your career, it might help you hire a team or be hired by one. You never know when a good opportunity might come by your way. They Might Be Easier to Do More Than You Think

Though the idea of creating an Electronic Press Kit might sound tedious or complex, it’s effortless. The Epk publicity material can be sent by email. Stick it on your cloud, and you can do it by Dropbox or attach it to your website.

It has two main parts; your biography and your press release. Your bio should be concise and factual, whereas your press release is a story of your music career and how it was made, your videos, songs, and your current position as a musician.

Different Templates Kits

Modern technology makes our lives easier as much as possible, so providing many different Templates Kits! These templates can help you enter your information into the template and make it look attractive and super professional in a concise amount of time—for example, Bandzoogle, Reverbnation, Haulix, etc.

Ten Best Websites To Create Electronic Press Kits:

  1. Bandzoogle
  2. Haulix
  3. Sonicbids
  4. Reverbnation
  6. Fiverr
  7. Spinnup
  8. Adobe Spark
  9. Mill Media
  10. Lucidpress

Our Favorite Example of Press Kits

There are countless examples of EPK on the web, but for you to be able to have a head-start, we recommend you Bandzoogle, Adobe Spark, and Wix for their pleasing and intelligently formatted templates.

Electronic Press Kits are very advantageous for you as an artist, especially if you are new to this career field. It will help a piece of quick, organized information about you as an artist and make you easy and more likely to be noticed and scouted by a label or record dealer. So be sure to make one for your website right away!

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