BassChillz Releases Latest Single 'HaterProof'

BassChillz is an upcoming artist of the music industry who amazed the listeners at such a young age. He is a New York-based producer with tremendous skills in songwriting. The artist is only 25 years old and has gained so much fame that he worked with Grammy-nominated and award-winning artists for 11 years. BassChillz has made songs that ended up in editorial playlists of Spotify. Moreover, some of his songs charted on the top 50 list of apple music.

One thing that is super good about BassChillz is that he is very consistent with his highest level of song creation and production. Besides managing his projects, he supports many emerging artists through different means. Recently he established a company named “DoerNation,” which works to support artists at different levels.

This time the BassChillz surprised us with the latest release, “HaterProof” which is undoubtedly a masterpiece; it will give you the vibe against the criticism and thoughts of those haters, nonbelievers, and doubters who act as a hurdle in your way. Whenever you try to build and improve yourself, such haters try to bring you down. To achieve something, a person must be steady on his path without hearing the criticism of haters. The BassChillz advises his fans and listeners to stay motivated and don’t let them lower their energy. All you need to become is “HaterProof” to achieve your goals. You will feel some next-level inspiration by listening to this track.

This new track has some sort of experimental beats that makes it unique. Again, BassChillz amazed us with the overall track’s witty wordplay and chill flow. Like his previous release, “Oh My My My,” he rocked the latest one as well. You can listen to his tracks for boosting yourself up, chilling with friends, and vibe on a long drive. The artist undoubtedly proved his unique skills, and we are pretty excited to welcome some other releases from him this year. We hope that the artist will keep increasing his fan following by such fantastic releases ahead.

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