SmokeDogg Releases A New Track “Come Get It” With FxckGuapo, and Nyx

When HHIM (Hiphopindiemusic) asked SmokeDogg about the creative process of his new track “Come Get It” featuring Guapo and Nyx, this is what SmokeDogg had to say:

“The idea for the song came honesty from all of us being in the studio together one day, and I honestly had writer’s block. At this point, we had been going to the studio 2-3 times a week weekly for a good few months. It was back in 2020, too, like a year into the pandemic. So long story short, I had already booked the session and brought out my little brother FxckGuapo with us, who always came in clutch-like ideas and shit for music. He had that drill beat picked out, and I believe FxckGuapo had the hook and verse written before we got to the studio, so he laid it down, and I pretty much just hopped on it after, by default, I suppose.

Originally it was just a collab with him and me, but the beat had another verse on it open. So fast forward to 2021, and I was at work with my other brother Zae (you all might know him as DISHURD, Nyx) discussing how I should drop that song cause I took a little hiatus from making music or putting any content out. So I asked Zae to jump on it and shoot the video so he could go harder than ever. Honestly, even though it took a bit longer than we expected to release the video due to technical difficulties and shit, I believe it’s probably one of our finest videos up to date. Again, it was a collab we flew out Tahj Laron, who owns and operates Kafari, to direct and shoot the majority of it.

“Come Get It” is about the hunger some of us have when we are in these streets or under pressure and ugly circumstances. So if you can connect to that mindstate or just like different types of drill music, I think you all see what we were trying to do with this song and video.”


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