Taddy So Baddy Releases Latest Single 'Chased a Dream' ft. Wybie

Taddy So Baddy Releases Latest Single Chased a Dream ft. Wybie

Taddy So Baddy is a name that is not new to the music industry. However, this Canada-based rapper has been rocking the industry for six years with her extraordinary skills. The artist came from a dedicated background, and it has a remarkable influence on her songs and projects. She is an artist who serves the hip-hop industry as a songwriter, engineer, rapper, producer, model, and singer. Her work includes several singles and three fantastic albums. In addition, she features some other talented artists from the underground Hip-Hop scene.

The artist has performed abroad and all over Canada. She also has the honor to appear on Canadian T.V. In 2018, Taddy So Baddy won the award for best female rapper of the year at the award ceremony hosted by the P.E.A.B.O. Awards. She became an inspiration for others by going through a bumpy road for this journey and has accomplished her goals so far.

Taddy So Baddy came up this time with another hot single named “Chased a Dream.” It is completely based on the life story and achievements of the artist itself. She beautifully portrayed her accomplishments and triumphs through her soulful voice. Though the track is different, she gave me a freestyle vibe on her verse to highlight her journey. The exciting thing about this track is very captivating and portrays the life struggle of Taddy So Baddy as well as her personality.

“Chased a Dream” is a masterpiece with the teamwork of Taddy So Baddy’s manager and engineer Patrick Stephenson, which helped make this song soulful. However, Taddy So Baddy’s voice has put glitter effect by speaking for her own life. There is also a guest appearance of famous emerging talent Wybie who depicted his talent by rapping a verse, making it enjoyable for the listeners. You can get over the stress of life by listening to this impressive track.

There is no doubt that Taddy So Baddy, has given an inspiring message through her natural, intricate rhymes to make a hit of this single. Furthermore, Taddy So Baddy always connects with her fans by talking to them through her meaningful songs and making them aware of the realities and struggles of the world. We wish Taddy So baddy keeps achieving her dreams through such remarkable performances and inspires others. 2022 seems to be a glorious year for the music industry, and we hope that Taddy So baddy, will keep making such masterpieces this year.

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