'Like This' by Staten Island Music Sensation Ladibree Deemed New Fan Favorite


Many artists hold on to a handful of memories that initiated their love for music. Ladibree, a Staten Island artist, recalls her favorite R&B group, the Temptations, as her biggest influence. At the age of 5, she had the pleasure of performing, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” which remains embedded in her mind till this day. Throughout the years, Ladibree has grown as an artist and with every release, her talent grows larger. With releases such as, “Ambition & All-Nighters” and “Only Everything”, Ladibree was able to lure in her audience. Most recently, she unveiled two singles titled, “Born Winner” and “Pop Shit” which portray her growth and increased popularity.

With Ladibree’s social media presence growing daily, she ensures frequent engagement with her supporters to keep them locked and loaded for every release. She is known for including hints and clues within her captions for upcoming content. Ladibree has been working diligently behind the scenes with other members of MLM Entertainment and additional talent throughout NYC and reveals that she has some collaborations coming our way! Her supporters can be seen expressing their anticipation on social media!

Known for her talent, consistency, and impeccable work ethic, Ladibree shared a message for other artists, “No one can want it more than you do and no one is going to do the work for you. Keep going. The reality is this…yes it’s hard to do what we do and yes it’s hard to ‘make it’. But quitting cannot be an option for you.” It is quite clear that Ladibree is experienced as an independent artist and will stop at nothing to achieve success! To stay up to date with releases and other announcements, follow Ladibree on social media and stream her music by clicking below!

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