Artist Sho-Khan Releases Latest Single 'Addicted'

A Florida-based artist who goes by the name Sho-Khan has released a new single, Addicted. The best thing about his music is its relatability to a person’s daily life and a personal touch that he never forgets to leave.

However, this new single is only an example of what is about to come on his new album that will drop soon. It is titled The Proof Slang Prostitution and produced by Xeno Krazy.

Addicted delves into the profound influence of independent artists that want to keep making music. In this song, the artist reflects on a different aspect of his life, where he tried being the best version of himself for his significant other. Sho-Khan has put his heart out in this new single and delivered authenticity to the audience.

Originally named Kinji Khalil Clark, Sho-Khan was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He grew up listening to several great artists of his time and was inspired to step into the rap world. He learned the art of music production and rapping, attributing it as the only thing that helped him keep off the streets.

Once Sho-Khan entered high school, his dedication to music and rapping grew more vigorous, pushing him to study the ropes of song creation. Unfortunately, he did not have a Godfather besides self-drive and love. Being entirely self-taught, Sho-Khan explored many genres and began creating music with his close friends.

The real reason that inspired Sho-Khan to continue creating authentic music despite facing numerous hindrances in the journey is his love for music. He considers music therapeutic and doesn’t class it as an occupation rather a passion for soothing the soul. And that is true love!

Besides Addicted, the artist has created My Time alongside artist NTG4L. You can listen to them on Boomplay, Soundcloud, Spotify, or YouTube Music.

After completing high school, Sho-Khan got busy raising his two kids and bid goodbye to song creation, but he did not forget to pass on his love for music to his boys. When his eldest son listened to his work, he pushed him to release it and share it with the world to enjoy as well.

One thing led to another, and Sho-Khan handed a new project to teach music enthusiasts worldwide its importance. Today, he continues to do what he loves and has loved for a long time!

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