Verbal Van Gogh releases new album ‘$tranger Than Fiction’

Verbal Van Gogh is a remarkable young artist from North Carolina to entertain music lovers with some hip-hop taste. The impressive thing about this artist is that his music combines real-life experiences, stories, and some witty punchlines. He can show his talent in multiple genres. VVG’s primary focus is on the production and the meaningful lyrics for the listeners.

This time verbal van Gogh came with an exciting new album named ‘$tranger Than Fiction.’ The album has a pure hip-hop theme which can be labeled as real hip-hop. According to the artist himself, ‘$tranger Than Fiction’ is nothing exceptional but his vibes, feeling, and thoughts. He presented his views and feelings in the album due to his personal experiences. A man learns from his own life experiences, and it is better to convey such experiences with the help of music to motivate others.

The album included a total of ten tracks which are “Operation fi$hbowl,” “Prai$e U,” “K(no)w Good,” “Lord Forgive Me,” “$aran Plan,” “$ilk Road Freestyle,” “Half-A-Million-Pound,” “Give Me A Call,” “Gre$ham’s Law,” and “Carte(I) Blanche.”

With the release of this album, the artist claimed that ‘$tranger Than Fiction’ is very close to his heart. The reason is that since 2019, it has been the first-ever full-length release of Verbal van Gogh. The main intention of the hip-hop artist was to keep the real essence of hip-hop alive with the authenticity of his work.

If we predict some rising hip-hop stars for 2022, VVG comes under this category. He glorified his presence in the music industry by releasing this album. We wish that he keeps making such masterpieces to impress the listeners.

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