V. CIANNII Discusses Release of Debut Album "Balance" & Release Party


V. CIANNII recently unleashed his debut album “Balance” which has sent his fans into a frenzy. In honor of this major release, V. CIANNII held an album release party which was a huge success. The talented artist stated, “The whole city popped out for the party. We reached full capacity within the first hour of opening the doors.” V. CIANNII went on to describe the unforgettable evening, “It was good to see people singing my music like they were going through it. They were singing it like they were going through the pain…they were in their zones.” 

With the perfect combination of old school and new school, V. CIANNII has developed his own unique sound which has placed him in the spotlight within the music scene. This success came after being incarcerated for five years. Prior to this experience, V. CIANNII stated that his music consisted of bars and metaphors. However, while in jail, he learned how to fuse two different sounds together. V. CIANNII explained, “I needed that shit to happen to me. Shit would have been way worse if I hadn’t gone to prison. I found myself.” Too many times, we witness incarceration become a revolving door for many. However, V. CIANNII brings hope to the dimmest situation as he utilized those difficult times to find balance within his life. Hence, the significance of his debut album, “Balance”. 

When asked what message he has for other independent artists, V. CIANNII stated, “It’s important to learn the business and understand it. You can make money off of music. Learned how to make money off of it. There are so many reels you can tap into. Learn it first and then put it all together. I went broke numerous times. I gave this shit my all. You ain’t got to be famous to make this shit happen.”

V. CIANNI has collaborated with several artists such as, TRAV, LIL WES, DOTTCHI, LIL PERCO, and KLASS MURDA. Recently, V. CIANNII had the opportunity to share the stage with Klass Murda at Rolling Loud. He describes their friendship as a “sandbox” friendship and explained that they have put a lot of work in together musically. V. CIANNI has made headlines due to the success of his new album and the release party on platforms such as Medium, Hip Hop Since 1987, SoundKonnect, and more! Be sure to follow him on instagram and stream “Balance”! Stay tuned for more amazing music from V. CIANNII!

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