POPP3DUP's Latest Track Titled "Anxiety" Is Out Now

A few days ago, POPP3DUP published another brand new track, "Anxiety" The hip-hop singer created this track with a supreme effort for his fans like he always does. "Anxiety" song is not restricted to one specific genre as we can feel various emotions from the way POPP3DUP has sung it.

'Anxiety' is the one-stop track filled with genuine talent and scrutinizes the singer's enthusiasm for composing. Moreover, this track has a relatable concept where POPP3DUP will express how he got a love interest but was holding back due to his past experiences where he was the sufferer of terrible heartbreaks.

The song has a special place in POPP3DUP's fans who had similar experiences or understand how it feels to have the worst love experiences in the past. It is a fusion of emo-rap, hip-hop, rap, and more. However, it primarily talks about mental health awareness, which is not given the importance it needs.

If you listen to Anxiety, you will know how a great singer can portray emotions through a single song. POPP3DUP gave his best in this song, which will make you feel chills down your spine. You can find yourself immersed in the songs as it has incredible lyrics and rhythms with a soothing voice.

Get To Know About POPP3DUP

As a child and teenager who did not have the best life, POPP3DUP started his music career by composing and singing songs to heal himself. Often battling against his past experiences, this Hong Kong-based rapper has found himself taking an exceptional interest in writing songs.

As a result of his fondness for composing songs, POPP3DUP is having a leap in his music career and is becoming one of the most devoted Soundcloud artists. The singer also has several other hit songs, making him a creator. Though his followers are still initially, POPP3DUP makes music to get attached and grow an emotional connection with his fans.

POPP3DUP will continue to compose songs and make great hits, which will hopefully reach the maximum number of people to find peace and be happy listening to his songs. POPP3DUP follows Juicewrld's saying, " The goal in life is not to live forever but to create something that will."

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