The Secrets To Vonte Que's Latest Single "Under Pressure"

Vonte Que is a hip-hop artist with a fresh face in the music industry. However, he is not that new in the music industry because he started at 16 years of age. The artist came from Cincinnati with a fondness for writing songs since the age of 6 years old. He released his first music single at 16 years of age on Apple Music and Spotify.
Vonte Que
Vonte Que reached a higher level of his music and rap career after the death of his father. That trauma of losing his father inspired him to work on a more significant project. The project's titled "Forever 39", which was released in 2020, and it is considered as best of him. He dedicated that project to his late father due to rising success and popularity after the release.

The passionate music artist now came up with another fantastic release named "Under Pressure". It is a single which is entirely meaningful and vibrant with some touch of high beats. The song has some next-level advice of putting yourself under pressure to achieve the best of your work. Vonte Que basically presented his own thoughts and experience of applying slight pressure on himself for writing masterpieces. He wanted to give us a lesson to come out of our comfort zone and put ourselves in hard work. This practice ultimately results in better achievements and successes.

Vonte Que

The track is relatively smoother and delivers exciting vibes. It develops the mind of listeners to smash the strenuous jobs they have been delaying for so long. The chorus of this latest release is "I go harder under pressure…". It depicts an unmatchable dedication and powerpack of emotions. We hope that Vonte Que will consistently make such masterpieces and keep rising as a hip-hop talent.


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