The Hidden Story Behind Artist Mula$ And His New Song "Addicted"

Mula$’s story starts with his name: Trayvian Robert Sudue. Although born in Alexandria, Virginia, on December 19th, 1993, about five years later, Mula$’s family would eventually relocate to Worcester, Massachusetts - just about 40 minutes outside the Great city of Boston.

The point of beginning to the Mula$ legacy.

At the tender age of seven, Mula$’s passion for rap made subtle appearances while partaking in battle-like competitions against his older sister; during that time, she, at the time, was pursuing her musical career. In addition, listening and observing the likes of prominent Hip-Hop figures such as Jay Z, Biggie, and Lil’ Wayne (to name a few) further nurtured the desire young Mula$ had of becoming an artist himself.

However, those same aspirations for the rap game fell short when compared to his adolescent years. Growing up, Mula$’s transgressions from the streets would ultimately commence a path of uncertainty for his future. Fearful, her son became another statistic of the American criminal justice system. Finally, his mother decided to send him to a boarding school in Kasoa, Ghana, to save Mula$ from himself. While in Ghana, he quickly adapted to the culture by learning the language and incorporating it into his freestyle. It didn’t take long before he was dubbed as “xxx” (specific word used) (American rapper) around town, creating his lyrical style when rapping. Without a doubt, the acknowledgment he received at that moment becomes a pivotal point towards solidifying his passion.

After three years, Mula$ was finally able to return to the states. However, his mother’s unwavering concerns of him echoing his past resulted in him getting sent to an alternative boarding school – this time in Waco, Texas. ‘MCH’ Methodist Children’s Home was where the artist heartily continued to practice his wordplay. Throughout his time, Mul$a sustained rap as a channel to deflect what was going on in his personal life. Unfortunately, the same capability to make new friends was the same attraction that led to the trouble to follow sooner or later. Just as his mother suspected, Mula$ was consequently kicked out of school again, now headed back to Worcester indefinitely.

Over the years, Mula$ remained dedicated to constructing his craft and polishing punchlines to deliver un-doubtable debuts of his talent when the opportunity arrives. Within the community he served, collaborations with local artists took place often, conversely as a well-known hobby of his. All that changed when a childhood friend provided the inspiration Mula$ needed to add a mainstream appearance of his flair to showcase on all media platforms. Together with good friends Money Man Chief, Milano The Great, and 40, the crew formed and created their own music record label company.

LVTL: Lincoln Village the Label was founded on the neighborhood all five met and grew up in. Each member embodies a unique bravura coupled with charismatic storytelling flows to complement any song or beat. The quest to take the music industry over by storm has only begun. 

Stay tuned below with his new song, “Addicted.”

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