E Da God Releases New Album “No Rat Shit” And A Music Video Of Drug Script

E Da God is an emerging music artist who came from Cincinnati into the music industry. He joined the music industry intending to influence the lives of people to acquire success. But, instead, the music artist can deliver his inspiring message through the art of music into people’s hearts.

As a freshman in the music industry, he plays with the genres smoothly by following the approach of an open book. He made his name in this overcrowded genre through exploration. He established his record label to contribute to the music industry, “Thorough By Nature.” Moreover, ‘behind-the-scenes’ also contribute to the uplifting of the artist in the music industry.

E Da God recently released an energetic album named “No Rat Shit.” The album has 20 tracks in it, and each of them is penned uniquely by the artist himself. In addition, the name of the tracks is “No Rat Shit,” “Change,” “Verified,” “Loose,” “Run It Up,” “Havin,” “Respect,” “No Free Randy,” “Sacrifice,” “Destiny,” “Cleaver,” “Party,” “Mac’n,” “Ready,” “Freak,” “Drip,” “Kraft,” “Not You,” “Drug Script” and “Stripes Like Burberry.” In addition, some tracks have co-artist vocals as a supportive role which added spark to the overall album.

The album from E Da God, “No Rat Shit” attracts listeners due to its unique base-knocking. This base-knocking makes the album marvelous to come under the spotlight among several new music tracks and albums. William Voner contributed to the production of “No Rat Shit.” While listening to the album, you will realize that it has some essence of electrifying 808s which adds more glamour to the new release.

E Da God released this music album and filmed the music video of the significant track’ Drug Script’. The music video is well directed and adds super cool energy to the track. The music video is filmed with the female voice and face to add the essence of love and fascination. The relationship is portrayed well with a bit fancier and sassy outlook. It depicts the love and support both at the same time for fighting with the struggles of life. Moreover, the aroma of love and a bit slower tempo leaves a charming effect on the listeners.

The emerging artist worked extra-ordinarily for the music album “No Rat Shit” and “Drug Script” music video. According to E Da God, he has been through enough and has done enough. Now it is the high time of his journey with the release of each song. He considers that the new album has portrayed his life journey and moments perfectly. We hope that E Da God will keep amazing the listeners with his extraordinary performances and releases in the future.

Watch: E Da God - Drug Script 


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