Joey Supratta, J.Hustles Feat. Westside Boogie Hit the Floors with their New Single “For Real”.

Talented Italian-American singer, producer, and record-label founder Joey Supratta has released his new single “For Real” in collaboration with J.Hustles featuring Westside Boogie. The song follows the electrifying journey of the singer and will move you with its lyrics. “For Real” nudges the audience to introspect their life’s decisions while allowing them to groove to the beats of this spectacular soundtrack.

It is the perfect song signifying the artist grinding and straining for growth while figuring out who has been the closest to you during trying times. “For Real” has a mesmerizing flow, and the reflective lines and candid perspective highlight the artist’s grind and dedication. Produced in collaboration with J. Hustles and Westside Boogie, the LA underground hip-hop superstars will take you on an introspective journey where music meets the power of lyrics.

The soundtrack will play on-repeat as you immerse yourself within the melancholy and reflect on the message it is trying to put across. The song features an impactful chorus with J.Hustles and Westside Boogie, adding another dimension to it. The trio shows off their softer, more emotional side with "For Real", dropping smooth bars about individuals looking deep into their hearts and seeing what life has to offer.

Joey Supratta is a people’s artist as he has been working alongside his team at Supratta Records since 2013. After relentlessly working for years, the artist finally established his record company as an independent label sponsoring budding hip-hop artists in California. However, his company’s journey wasn’t linear.

More About Joey Supratta and his Label “Supratta Records.”

The label and its roster performed at the legendary Viper Room and The Roxy Theater while winning prestigious hip-hop competitions. Supratta Records has garnered massive social media and radio coverage, including a unique feature in LA’s most renowned 93.5 KDAY radio station. The artist’s work ethic is incredible and has inspired millions of budding hip-hop artists to dabble into the music industry.

There is no doubt that Joey is here to stay. However, the question is, how long will it be before he reaches the top?

If you are craving a song that will blow your mind, “For Real” should be your go-to soundtrack by award-winning international artists. The song focuses on the artists’ lives and is a potent reminder of how unforgiving life can be. However, it is not the time to relinquish control just yet. Instead, it is the era of taking back what is yours and fighting for the person you want to become.

Listen Below:

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