Unsigned Hip Hop Artist Benkasso Releases Latest Single "Matter of Fact"

Benkasso - 'Matter of Fact' Giving the audience the ultimate retro vibe, Benkasso has released his latest single, 'Matter of Fact,' with a tune that will enchant you in its gritty magic and enjoy a firm hold on your playlist forever. So get ready to witness the artist at his prime while he experiments his way into the industry.

Although trying out an all-new melody, the artist took a plunge with the crooning in the chorus, and dare us to say, it has made the audience go wild worldwide. Benkasso has launched the song in collaboration with engineer Mattazik Muzik or Lil Baby, who tweaked the track with his spectacular vocal effects and elevated the sound of the final piece altogether.

The soundtrack prompts the audience to question the obvious. However, once you hear the rap, you will be swept off your feet since it challenges you to think about what the world has made you and the path on which you are headed.

More About Benkasso

Hailing from Atlanta, Benkasso is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, music artist, and producer. Starting from 22, the artist has three albums to his name and a slew of singles, all garnering views, and likes on different platforms. His successful career also earned him a unique feature in several Hip-Hop indie blogs.

After changing his stage name from Pikasso Beats to Benkasso, the artist gained much experience and fans. He draws his songwriting and production inspiration from several artists to create original and engaging music, including Childish Gambino, J Cole, and Future.

By championing his clever lyricism and vibrant music taste in most of his songs, Benkasso will take over the world with his music. He is on his path to glory, and nothing can stop him now. Being successful is his plan, and he will top the music chartbusters one day.

Listen to 'Matter of Fact' Today!

Not that you won't hear the artist again, but listening to his latest song will make you an indispensable part of history since individuals will look back and call this song the turning point in Benkasso's life. So stand testament to one of his most delicate pieces and revel in the art he has created.

Benkasso will forge the future in his favor and make the entire music industry bow to his talent and work. It is only a matter of time before the artist creates a legacy that he will leave behind for generations to come.

You can listen to his latest piece on all leading music platforms. It doesn't matter whether you have a playlist on Spotify or iTunes; the artist will rule it for years with his latest soundtrack. You can also support him on all popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to get all the hot and steaming updates from the artist's life and his upcoming releases and tour dates.

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