T.Rozie Drop A Latest Single "Fawk It Up" [Audio]

T.Rozie has struck the world with her latest single, 'Fawk It Up,' and no, her fans cannot keep calm. The song's wild beats will make you want to go in a trance and dance your heart out. The song has everything; vivid lyrics from a vibrant, passionate, and energetic artist, beguiling beats, an enrapturing hook, and above all, T.Rozie herself.

T.Rozie partnered with Ricky' Rico' White on most of the song's writing aspect. With 'Fawk It Up, ' T.Rozie has begun a new chapter in her life, and we are excited to see where the artist is headed. The song will make you groove, shout at the top of your lungs, and party all the way more because you can tell the world "fawk you" with the song.

However, that is not all. The song's music video is currently in production and will hit the floors when the fans least expect it. Follow T.Rozie on all social media platforms to ensure that you do not miss the news of her upcoming video's release. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any date yet. However, we all know it will be soon. Witness T.Rozie in her latest music video as she slays stereotypes with her recent single.

More About T.Rozie

T.Rozie is a multi-talented artist who has trained as a professional dancer in the early years. However, she soon realized her inclination towards music and how well she could express herself through this art form. Therefore, she embarked on her musical journey and soon founded her own production company 'Lilly Vision Productions.' She named it after her late grandmother as a tribute, who she claims influenced her life considerably.

Currently, the artist is working with Abe Clark of Salt Media Management as she treads through the obstacles in the industry to discover her sound. She had a spectacular career as a dancer at the 'Gotta Dance Contemporary Dance Studio,' where T.Rozie found success as a Disney World Performer in Orlando, Florida.

She also performed with the Delta Nu sorority in Legally Blonde at the Earl Strand Theater in 2015. Her more recent performances include her role as the Tin Man in The Wiz in 2019 at the Infinity Energy Center and Mufasa in the rendition of Lion King Jr by The77Group in 2020. Her talents surpass the ordinary bounds as he has fostered a supportive team for her music career who will back her up through thick and thin.

Give a listen to 'Fawk It Up' today!

If you wish to give 'Fawk It Up' a crack, visit Spotify, Apple or Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, or iTunes and stream the soundtrack live. You can also follow the artist for all the crucial details of her life and music events on tik tok Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So support her today, and you will stand testament to the rise of an artist who rose from the ashes and will conquer the world with her music like the phoenix she is.

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