Thoweda Roasa releases latest album "Trip & Trap"

Thoweda Roasa releases latest album 'Trip & Trap' 

The emerging hip-hop star showed roasa was raised in Harlingen, Texas. It is a city that exists near Mexico and the USA border. There was a high temptation of drug trading, and people were engaged in fraudulent activities to get more money quickly. It is hard for a young person to remain on the straight path by living in such an environment. When he was a teenager, His mother was arrested due to drug charges, and his father was shot dead by Federal Agents as he was involved in the trafficking of about 2 tons of Mexican brick weed for a gang. At an early age, he used to write rhymes as his hobby. He was greatly affected by the Chopped & Screwed movement. He also influenced the West Coast 90s Gangster Rap, seen in his written lyrics.

All the circumstances of growing up In Texas affected his music and rap style. He also established his music style to portray the elements of Hip Hop and Latino Street culture very well with the slow-down beat and psychedelic lyrics. Thoweda used his passion for performing rap and writing songs to address the stages of stress, depression, anger, and struggle he faced throughout his life.

Thoweda Roasa officially made his debut in the music industry in 2019. Thoweda Rosas has made remarkable influence by releasing many singles as a rap artist. Through his tremendous performance as an artist, he has developed an excellent fanbase on social media platforms and other music streaming websites.

Thoweda Rosas is releasing a new music album with the title "Trip & Trap." This album consists of 17 tracks, each having its unique style, lyrics, and music. Trip & trap contains tracks with the titles including "Airport intro," "Travis County," "All aboard interlude," "water," "just landed interlude," "sky's falling- extended version," "down the rabbit hole interlude," "if I lost today," "fake Luv," "packing the packs interlude," "voices in my head," "contemplate," "it's kicking in the interlude," "yah!", "A week ago," "back to Texas interlude," and "trap hard."

The basic lyrical theme of the album revolves around the complexities of growing up in the streets. It explains life conditions when a person goes through such a struggling phase. He recorded all tracks of the music album in Austin, Texas.

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