Knightz Releases Latest Album ‘Retro Blvk’

‘Retro Blvk’ Album
All hail the incredible album ‘Retro Blvk’ by Knightz. The album that recently hit the floors has risen to critical acclaim, and the fans enamored it. ‘Retro Blvk’ is a well-crafted LP with thirteen soundtracks embracing several themes, including trust, faith, loneliness, and dependence in different songs.

The album captures Knightz as an artist. The artist poured sweat and blood into this LP which has been for over five years in the making. Knightz has grown as an artist as he wrote several songs featured in the album and produced, mixing, and finessing the soundtracks in the album.

Even though he completed most songs during the lockdown, the album depicts Knightz’s quest to become the most influential artist globally. If you are a fan of Travis Scott, Bryson Tiller, or Future, this album is for you. The artist’s creative writing process entailed taking inspiration from events in his life, which makes this album more vulnerable.

Knightz’s chest-pumping return with his LP ‘Retro Blvk’ will launch like a rocket to the heart as the artist turns the mirror on himself for source material. The album is a hypnotic, pulsating banger that, once listened to, will occupy your mind rent-free for eternity. After being one of the most anticipated albums, these spectacular songs arrow straight to and straight from the heart.

More About Knightz

Knightz has always dreamt of becoming a musical sensation for as long as he can remember. He first started creating music at 13, even though he knew only a little about the process and the industry. However, once the artist got the hang of things, there was no stopping him. Apart from being an incredible rapper and musical sensation, the singer/songwriter has over ten years of experience in production too.

His skills are reflected seamlessly in his recent album, which Knightz produced, mixed, and wrote himself. Knightz’s niche genres are RnB and Hip-Hop, making the artist develop his record label Black Patrone Records. He works with Danzey frequently and has been garnering colossal fanfare upon the release of ‘Retro Blvk.’

After making waves on the recent release, there are still ripples to be seen, and who knows, they might even last for eternity, considering the musical prodigy Knightz is. So give a listen to his latest album, ‘Retro Blvk,’ and pour as much love as you can.

Fans itching to listen to ‘Retro Blvk’ can visit the top music streaming platforms. You can listen to Knightz’s latest creation on Spotify or Apple Music. Apart from this, fans using other streaming platforms also got lucky, as the album drops everywhere. Since the pandemic is now receding, you can get the news for upcoming live shows and events on the artist’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Knightz is on his path to becoming the star of the millennium. Don’t forget to miss his journey by listening to ‘Retro Blvk’ below!

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