Rock Mercury Work Ethic Is On beast Mode With His Latest Single 'Cresendhoe They Mad'

Rock mercury is an emerging music artist from Los angles when it comes to performing music by himself. However, he was famous for writing songs previously. He was pretty successful as a ghostwriter. Many well-known music artists used to get lyrics from him. Rock mercury has now developed his skill for performing songs as a music artist. He officially started to record his songs with the guidance and support of the vocal coach and Beyonce's production team.

Rock mercury came up with the latest single ''Cresendhoe They Mad'. This song is based on the principle of self-love and freedom in the life of the artist. The artist recorded the track in New York, which greatly influenced the track's energy, tone, and theme. The unique thing about the single is its creativity, whose credit goes to Isaac Aaron as a director of the song. The tempo of the track is a bit slow and relaxing, with some therapeutic essence in it. However, the lyrics do not represent positive energy, and it focuses on the negative energy but in a gentle manner. You can listen to this therapeutic song to get yourself relax in hard times and whenever you feel low to survive in this world full of haters.

According to rock mercury, he faced a kind of derogatory jealousy from his former associates. But he bravely survived their behaviors. He dedicated this track to the dusty snakes, and he believes that his brave survival was an outstanding achievement. He came out of the shadows and began to shine as an artist. Mercury is quite motivated to achieve his goals and spread light through the magic of his music.

Though rock mercury got this name from his ex-lover, he accepts this name in its true meaning. He told the hater that he is strong enough to be solid in his self just like the mercury while staying fluid in the world. We appreciate the effort and struggle of rock mercury and hope that just like his name, he remains solid in delivering such masterpieces of music in the future as well.

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