After signing to Capitol Records, the young Canadian hip-hop experimenter officially hits the streets.

Born in Vancouver, Canada, the 22 years old artist known as Bolsen is self-considered a hip-hop experimenter. After signing his career-launching contract with Capitol Records, he released this past month his debut album consisting of 12 tracks that act as individual pieces of art that form a particular and intended more extensive work of art.

After being interviewed, he stated that from DUSK TO DAWN, people should expect to find an introspective individual, someone going through escapism. But the best detail that shows how serious Boslen takes his craft is his mature approach to creating the album.

“Most artists drop singles along time, through different moments, and then they just throw them into an album. And that's okay...” But having found inspiration in artists like Kanye West, made Boslen take an entirely different approach. He has really invested the time into creating a -no pun intended- timeless album. A masterpiece well crafted taking into account every single element -track- and making sure it complies with the overall aesthetics and storytelling the album should tell.

Coming from the small town of Chilliwack with only 80.000 people and a single mother home, his process as an artist, much like the cinematic experience told by his new album, has the notes of turning vulnerabilities into empowerment

With an already self-made name on the scene and scratching the half a million mark of monthly listeners on Spotify, much is to be expected from this fantastic hip-hop experimenter.

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