Fifty Shotz Lil Cousin Of Pooh Shiesty Released His EP "Menace"

Fifty Shotz releases debut EP 'Menace'
Here is a debut album that will make you twist in your seat while reigning your Spotify playlist forever. Fifty Shotz has released his latest debut album’ Menace,’ which will make you a fan of the artist for all the right reasons. The album portrays his struggles growing up in Memphis, Tennessee (his hometown) and how he coped up with all the curveballs life threw at him, only to make him stronger and wiser.

Fifty Shotz is excited about the release representing his hometown in his debut album and wants fans to understand that change is not easy. With ‘Everybody Flipped,’ the musician tries to make the audience realize that nobody will stick with you until the end. It is impractical to resist the change around you, and that people will flip any chance they get.

Menace entails a collection of songs driven by personal inspiration and experiences and is a culmination of the singer’s signature mellow yet upbeat style coupled with brutally honest and emotional lyrics. His raw vocals and unbeatable song hooks will leave you weak in the knees as you crave for more. The brilliant lyricism in his album begs us to reconsider the artist as an author first and singer later.

More About Fifty Shotz

The artist was inspired to do this album by his cousin Pooh Shiesty which also made the singer/songwriter keep his family and hometown as the underlying theme of this 5-track EP. The official video to one of his albums, “Cop A Bow,” dropped in July 2021, with fans already going crazy over its release.

Fifty Shotz is a musical moniker (or stage name) for Spring Valley rapper/songwriter/producer/singer Christian Mcbee. Since he was twelve, the artist has been on the street with his cousin, the rawness of which is reflected in his music. After meeting with Troy Patterson, Fifty Shotz’s career is on the right track, and we can’t wait to see what the artist releases next!

Listen to ‘Menace’ today!

It is not easy being yourself, but Fifty Shotz is trying to put this message out with his album’ Menace.’ You can listen to his debut album on all leading music streaming platforms. So if you are a Spotify person, don’t worry. You can add it to your playlist and listen to it day in and out. Nonetheless, if you use Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes, or Amazon Music to stream your songs, you are in for some luck because the album is streaming there too.

If you are excited to know more about Fifty Shotz, follow him on social media today, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This featured artist also goes live on his Instagram account sometimes, giving his fans a glimpse of the songs he is working on in the meantime. So stay tuned to his account for more hot updates and tour dates, and shower all your love and support.

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