Oakland Artist G2Da Releases Album ‘Diamond Mine’

G2Da  ‘Diamond Mine’

This album will give fans an unorthodox perspective of music while letting you peek into the artist's incredible mind. Diamond Mine has been G2Da's highly anticipated sophomore album. Nonetheless, it was received spectacularly well by the fans.

The artist conceded that he became more himself during the album's writing process than ever and forced himself to take the plunge spiritually. One of the songs in the album is titled 'Coronavirus,' which will give fans an insight into what G2Da had going on in his mind during the most challenging phase that the world went through. There is nothing more fulfilling than creating music, and that's what has kept the artist going.

Diamond Mine portrays diverse genres, some of which include hip-hop, neo-soul, and new wave. Apart from this, several notable artists have appeared in the album, one of the few surprises you will feel delighted to unravel. The artist has unmissable raw energy accurately through his latest album with stimulating and thought-provoking lyrics sweeping fans off their feet.

With Diamond Mine, G2Da wants the world to witness his talent, versatility, and depth, which he finds comparable to Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole.

More About G2Da

G2Da is a native from Oakland, California, and sees life in light and color. He is a producer, singer, songwriter, and an impeccable audiovisual artist who works hard even when stuck in a rut. G2Da has worked endlessly to perfect his craft as a singer and songwriter, and with his latest album Diamond Mine, he wants the world to stand as the testament of his talent, which will one day become his legacy.

Presenting his ideas in a visually artistic way has always been his strong suit. G2Da doesn't believe in following the crowd like a sheep. He wants to stand out, and the artist knows only his talent can shine the spotlight he deserves. G2Da has always felt content with his life, but he wants to chase the high of being recognized globally with music.

Listen to Diamond Mine today!

If you think you have impeccable taste in music, listening to Diamond Mine will provide you an edge you can show off at any frat party.

Add the album to your playlist on any leading music streaming platform. It doesn't matter whether you listen on Spotify or iTunes; this raving album is available everywhere. In addition, Pandora, Amazon Music, Deezer, and Tidal users can also listen to this fantastic album.

If you want to know more about the artist's tour or event dates, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and today and pour all the love and support that you can! Every emerging artist like G2Da needs his fans' constant help, which is the only fire that lets them keep going.

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