The young “hyper-pop” artist is releasing his brand new EP to hit a new career milestone. 

Midwxst, born as Edgar Sarrat III in the State of Indiana, currently known also as E3, an 18 years old music artist self-labeled as a hyper-pop rapper, is releasing this next September 22nd, 2021, his brand new extended play “BACK IN ACTION”. Described by the artist himself as an underground tape, Back In Action is a personal milestone for the artist no matter how fans and “the crowd” consider it.

To E3, making music is not seen as just a business. In fact, it started as a passion in high school that he had to learn to manage while fulfilling all the life steps expected for a teenager. Nevertheless, he transcended with his craft. He stated in an interview that making music is about putting out thoughts and inner conversations so other people that might be going through hardships or just “life stuff”, can relate to it and feel understood. And not entirely alone. In the end, he makes music for his own joy and fun, and his closest friends and family members.

Soon E3 will hit the half a million mark of monthly listeners on Spotify, which constitutes a rite of passage for every renowned artist, and when talking about his future, he stated that the main intention is showcasing through future works other styles aside from hyper-pop since he feels it is not the only virtue that portrays him as a true artist. He has a universe of musical art to show and provide, and he will make sure he delivers.

To many, the most surprising fact about Midwxst is coping with being an artist and rising celebrity while going to college.

“I did it for the entirety of my senior year in high school, so I got this system where I’m able to make it work,”

Heat is guaranteed, so saving this to your playlist is a must if you like this! 

midwxst - LA (feat. KA$HDAMI) [Official Video]

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