Roche and Profits Release Latest Single "1 Day Away" (Video)

Roche and Profits Release Latest Single' 1 Day Away' (Video)

Roche and Profits premiered their latest single, '1 Day Away,' featuring Maskibeats. The duo spent a long time together, perfecting their chemistry and deciding what kind of revolution the industry needed. It only required the pair to make more songs because theirs are going viral.

With '1 Day Away,' fans can witness vivid lyricism and a stellar upbeat employed to craft the song. However, it is only the beginning. Once fans give their music a listen, they realize that what they have to offer prompts the sky to be the limit.

Apart from adding the song to your playlist, a video for the soundtrack live on YouTube. It features Roche and Profits gallivanting the city in their luxury cars, surrounded by women and booze. It is the perfect party banger and will hit you left, right, and center on an eventful evening.

'1 Day Away' is destined to rule the Hip and Hop and RnB genres this summer, and the comment holds for the artists too. With their latest soundtrack, Roche and Profits are on their way to becoming international superstars and YouTube sensations. So give their song' 1 Day Away' a listen today!

More About Roche and Profits

Hailing from different cities, Roche from New York and Profits from East St. Louis, the duo met and instantly knew that they had a cosmic music connection. Realizing that their music tastes were the same, the pair started listening to songs together. Later, they realized that their celestial partnering was meant for creating music.

After their debut single, the duo soared to new heights and collaborated with some dope artists. Their latest single, '1 Day Away,' is all about carving their position in the industry as the next leading Hip-Hop and RnB pair.

Listen to '1 Day Away' Today!

Giving their fans a trailer for releasing this summer, Roche and Profits believe in teasing before they unlock the new surprise. However, fans have loved their way of approaching new projects since it always leaves them wanting more. '1 Day Away' is just the teaser. The duo will release their sizzling project this summer as they have already told the fans to expect something big.

You can listen to '1 Day Away' on all music streaming channels. It does not matter whether you listen to your music on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, or Deezer; the single is available everywhere. Fans can also follow Roche and Profits on all leading social media websites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Watch 1 Day Away's video on YouTube today! With their dope single and video, the pair is trying to put it out there that they are the next most incredible music sensations this industry will see! However, an artist is nobody until his fans are there to support them. Therefore, shower their single with all the love and witness them producing more incredible music for you!

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