Remykid Releases Latest Album ‘Made in London’ (Album)

London-bred Nigerian-British singer Remykid has released his latest album ‘Made in London.’ After listening to the album, you will realize that the artist is on a clear-cut path to international stardom. The 13-soundtrack album will give you a glimpse into the artist’s life with popular melodies, including ‘Like I do’ and ‘Yes.’

The album also features several artists, including PromMix, WhiteFlavour OD, Favour Balance, DJ WAPSAM, WEEZ, and TARZAN QOOL.

The singer/songwriter wanted to create an album that harnessed his feelings as a person to build his legacy in the music industry. ‘Made in London’ accurately portrays the artist’s versatile talent and vivid songwriting while introducing the world to his magnetic charms and personality.

After listening to the music wonders this album unleashes, fans cannot wait for the artist’s upcoming projects and tours! ‘Made in London’ also guest stars from artists such as 9shadez, nudging how much sweat, blood, and bones the singer has invested into creating the album.

More About Remykid

Remykid was born and raised in London and had been interested in music ever since he was a kid. Proud of his heritage, the artist never shied away from flaunting his Afro heritage and thus, started incorporating his culture’s flavors and authenticity in his music. This gave his music the edge and helped him come into the spotlight that he already is in today.

The artist has been involved in creating music since his teenage years. From fueling his passion by recording in his best friend’s room studio to honing his craft over the years, Remykid managed to catch the eye of the international audience with his work.

Following in the successful footsteps of his recent EP ‘Sweet and Wavey,’ ‘Made in London’ is set to become his next charting blockbuster after ‘Who Dem Help.’

Listen to ‘Made in London’ Today!

The album continues to rake in massive numbers with thousands of global streams. ‘Made in London’ marks the artist’s most extensive project of his career and has been met with applauding support from his fans across the world. Produced in collaboration with Infrared, Theasbeat, Certibeat, and Yoni, the album explores the various shades of the artist and how far he can go for his love of music.

You can stream the album ‘Made in London’ on all music platforms. Fans can listen to Remykid’s distinguishable beats on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, and Tidal. Individuals can also follow the artist on all leading social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you want to keep an eye on the artist’s every move, latest collaborations, or upcoming projects, tracking his life on Instagram would be a great idea! Remykid needs all the support to become the most incredible music sensation worldwide. However, the singer/songwriter will not achieve it if he doesn’t have his fans by his side.

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