If you are in a relationship or your relationship is facing a wrong time, this single is for you to get the lesson of “never giving up” in love and enjoy the vibe generated by this song. The track starts with the fascinating and sentimental female voice, and the chorus of the song “let me in.. let me in” is also in the nostalgic voice of the female artist, which beautifully supported the rap part of Just Dave.

Overall music sense of the song is similar to that of old-school hip hop, with the theme based on the feeling of love, pain, and crisis that couples face during a relationship. It also portrays a beautiful message that no one is perfect. Every human being has different kinds of flaws in their appearance and nature.

In a relationship, there come many stages of love. Sometimes, the misunderstanding also arises due to the flaws of human beings, but this does not mean that the relationship should be ended. Instead, a pure relationship is where the lovers or couple remain persistent in their relationship despite all misunderstandings and flaws. So, the song's overall theme focuses on the hard times of love and relationships and how it is necessary to love someone with all the flaws and misunderstandings for a stable and consistent connection.

The song's tempo is the combination of romantic slow portion and high beat of rap, but the outlook of the songs is something chic, nostalgic, and painful which was carried out by both singers perfectly. The depiction of love and suffering together would make it a high vibe song that can be enjoyed in long drives and with your partner or buddies.

Just Dave being a rising and talented hip-hop artist, proved from his latest single, “let me in,” that he has a great tendency to rock the hip-hop industry through his rap talent and vocals as well as meaningful lyrics. After listening to “let me in,” you would also get addicted to it. There is no doubt that just Dave would make a big fan following in the hip-hop industry soon.

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