York III Releases Latest Single "Wanna Kno" Featuring Borey Sangz

York III Releases Latest Single' Wanna Kno' Featuring Borey Sangz

York III has unveiled his latest single, 'Wanna Kno,' that will make the audience roll in a human-sized hamster ball on the dance floor. The soundtrack sizzles like a hot egg waiting to be cooked to perfection on a summer day. The song featured Borey Songz and was recorded and produced within an hour.

Are you ready for the first party anthem as the pandemic recedes? It is time that York's latest soundtrack rules all the clubs in the US and lets the artist rise to his legendary status. Quickly emerging as one of pop music's leading faces, York III continues his ascension with his latest soundtrack. The artist's eccentric charm, accessible songwriting, and penchant for the craft have made him create intoxicating hooks coupled with a vibrant, lively, and feel-good anthem.

The song represents an irresistible sound dash of funk grooves that will make audiences move worldwide. The artist exhibits a playfulness that won't quit, while his passion for music will make you appreciate York's work on his latest single. The lo-fi beats and the song's laid-back vibe will make you want to play it in an endless loop while dancing inside your head or on the dance floor.

More About York III

York's unmistakable passion for music and personality has caught the eye of audiences worldwide as the artist has gathered a passionate fan base over time. With his distinct sound and vivid songwriting, the artist manages to whip music pieces that can stay rent-free in anyone's head for a lifetime.

York Ill 'Wanna Kno' featuring borey sangz

His creative writing process is influenced by artists such as Krs-One, Nas. Apart from this, he also draws inspiration from The Ruff Ryders and Dip-Set that molds his unique freestyle to write Trap music. York III is a gangster-conscious MC, and his trap experiences have led to multiple incarcerations lately.

Before releasing his solo debut, York III was an active member of the Bern City Soldiers and is a dynamic part of the Blaq Pyrates. In January 2021, York started his record label and publishing company, Light Vibez LLC and Light Stylez.

Listen to 'Wanna Kno' Today!

York is poised to be a breakout this year with his latest single. Apart from this, the artist has other projects in the pipeline for his fans this year. You can stream the soundtrack on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer. Also, follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all hot updates served right from the oven.

It is York's time, and he has done everything right to seize it. All you have to do is hop on a streaming platform and listen to his song today! York III is on his path to become the greatest artist in the music industry, and it won't be possible if he does not have unwavering support from his fans worldwide.

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