Dutchy DoBad Comes Back With A Bang With His New Release, "Fake Love"

Dutchy DoBad dropped his new single, Fake Love; The single best suits a good vibe and a hip-hop environment.

Who is Dutchy DoBad?

Dutchy DoBad is a well-known hip-hop artist from Boston. He is ready to take the industry with his outstanding talents in music. The Boston artist is prepared for the upcoming success, moving on from the brutal, imprisoned life he once had. Before being incarcerated, he had hit the music industry in 2015 with his super hit releases like his crafting street anthems like 'Doing Numbers,' 'Round the Way,' and 'Money Friendly.' Hip hop, rap made quite a buzz among his fans and followers. Dutchy's new release 'Fake Love' proved his versatility and talent in music. He created catchy vibing music with artful fabricated lyrics that his fans are humming all day. The artist's unsurpassed skills are already taking take him on the road to success.

"All I have seen is fake love."

The song opens with a stunning hook. 'Fake Love' is a tribute to all those who have stood beside Dutchy DoBad through thick and thin and shown immense love to him. The hip-hop artist has written the lyrics himself, which proves his talent and determination. This single is a youthful and lyrically mature song that reflects the artist's unique talent. His fans have taken this song very positively. The track is full of ear candy to them.

How is DoBand's 'Fake Love'?

In Dutchy's new single, he maintains his originality and creates soothing music. His delivery is of utmost quality and is fresh like no else's. It is a life-saving track that reflects the true essence of life. The song is filled with captivating vibes and beats, not to forget the strong and harsh words. The notes are perfectly placed. The lyrics have a hip-hop theme that projects how life rolls on amidst fake and deception. The beats are pretty groovy.

"I'll just be raising the stakes uh…."

The track is upbeat and fresh. It projects Dutchy's skills that fit so perfectly in the song. The track keeps one entertained and quickly becomes a part of the popular charts. The lyrics have solid words and emotions that project deception and fake people around us.

Dutchy Dobad's new release is like a slap on the face of fake people in the artist's life. It is a track that explores the artist's point of view of how money is more important than these fake people of our life. He uses pretty shady and robust emotions, excellent beat, and gives us a sneak peek at his unfiltered thoughts. The song is proof of his powerful comeback after being incarcerated.

The Boston artist pushing limits with all his new releases and is coming back to the industry with a storm. The breathy delivery and serpentine melody give a gorgeous texture with more energy than his previous releases. The arrangement and setting of the chorus are solidly built. The song embraces current trends successfully.

"All I wanted was a couple million... All I think about is how to get it."

The flourishing hip-hop artist from Boston tells us about the primary needs of life through his lyrics. The beats groove excellently with these lines. He is focused on his goal and walking on the path of success, and he knows how to achieve this. Dutchy Dobad has successfully created a solid, straightforward, and memorable hook with his song. If you are a hip-hop fan, you can easily vibe and move with the beats and grooves of 'Fake love.'

To conclude, 'Fake Love' is a heavy song of strong words and emotions with melody and beats that fans will be crazy about. Dutchy DoBad has pushed his limits and created a piece of whole new music that he never did before. His new song will surpass all his previous hits as he makes a solid comeback to the industry. Again, he is successful in mining the desires of modern lives. Dutchy no longer has the intention of being 'the boy next door. He lives up to the promise of all his previous releases loved by his fans. With his new banging single release, 'Fake Love,' he proved that he would soon bring a storm of super hit tracks.

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