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The super talented hip-hop music artist Steve A. Muir Jr, popularly known as JAY-M. He is popular for creating songs having excellent story articulation techniques, meaningful lyrics, catchy rhythms, and unforgettable melodies. This young artist is working passionately in the music industry for the past ten years and has made remarkable influence through his recent album “Til Death Do Us Part” and some bangers like “the legend” and “black pearl.” In addition, he has had a significant influence over repetitive hip-hop soundscapes.


Jay-M is inspired by the famous names of the hip-hop music industry like Jay-Z, Nas, and Kendrick Lamar, who have made significant contributions to hip-hop music. His music mainly focuses on motivational thoughts and hands-on your shoulder when falling apart in your life. He pushes his audience to let go of the bitter past and work steadily for their future missions as his dream is to make a better life for himself.

Jay-M again comes up with his latest released video of the song “nobleman”

Like his previous songs, jay-M again comes up with his latest released video of the song “nobleman,” which is part of the “I am the Gospel” extended play. This new track, “nobleman,” profoundly impacts the listeners through well-structured and fascinated lyricism. The song’s lyrics mainly focus on possibilities of life, love, and unity in human life. The overall musical arrangement of the song is a combination of the intensity of hip-hop, warm essence of R&B.

The “nobleman” is a high-hitting song with its video came to support it as a beautiful and slick portrayal of the lyrics. Since the video came out, it has reached above 20,000+ views only on YouTube as it is so captivating and full of energy to the listeners. This flawless deliverance of the “nobleman” once again proves that he will rule the hip-hop music industry through his outclass combinations of dynamic hip-hop, metrical R&B, and meaningful lyrics that portray the overall lesson in detail. So watch out for the new music video of “nobleman” on YouTube and other music platforms and enjoy it while driving a car or vibe alone with this energetic single.

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