TAIN releases latest single "Phelps"

After the success of his recent single 20/20, TAIN is out with another mind-blowing song. Ever since his debut in 2017, TAIN hasn’t failed to release addictive new music consistently.

The inspiration behind making “Phelps” is as unique as the rapper. While driving in the car, an epiphany struck TAIN as he listened to a beat and wrote the song. This song matches the wild energy and catchy beats of the trademark fashion for all of TAIN’s songs.

You will be hit with a nightclub and afters feeling when you listen to the song. The lyrics of “Phelps,” though intended for mature audiences, resonate perfectly with the settings of adult parties and gatherings.

More about TAIN

TAIN is originally from Denver, CO. He wanted a fresh start and a change of scenery, which made him relocate to Houston, TX. His passion for rapping and creating songs that immerse the listeners in a good mood feeling knows no bounds.

TAIN’s talent for rapping is diligent and extraordinary. In addition, he has the magic to hook up the listeners with his unique ways of crafting his songs and delivering mesmerizing vocals.

“Love me not” is one of his songs that describes the feelings of dejection in a way that soothes you. The tunes and beats used throughout the songs are amazing. For the distinct individual he is in producing his songs, he was recently mentioned in the GRID magazine for this popular song “Love me not.”

He has an impeccable appreciation for finding the right melody and tunes for his songs, making him stand out from others.

The sentiment he carries for his craft is transparent in his music. The brilliance of fusing music, compelling vocals, and mood-enhancing melodies are reflected in the songs he created.

Listen to “Phelps” to create clubbing vibes!

The raunchy lyrics and groovy beats make the song a perfect hit to set the mood at a nightclub or for your parties. The tune is so addictive that you can find yourself with your hands in the air and swaying to the song.

Rapper TAIN has created this song to give the listeners a new experience from the regular party songs. In just 1 minute and 15 seconds, he brings the good club feeling and lets loose vibes to the listener.

This song can be listened to on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and many more. With the popularity and recognition he got for his previous songs, this song will definitely be a hit.

The lyrics and vocals are in undeniable harmony with the music. The dropping of beats and effects is next to perfection and amplifies the mood in the best possible way.

You can select this song to play at any parties and encourage the let loose mood from your guests. Listen to “Phelps” and get the experience of clubbing wherever you are!

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