Come Find Out If Hip Hop Still Hold The Number 1 Position In 10 Years.

Are you a hip-hop artist?

Are you concerned about the future of the hip-hop industry?

No worries, we will try to uncover the truth in this topic, but before that, we need to know what the hip-hop genre means, don't we?

And indeed, the below questions stand as a barrier to understanding the subject in-depth.

  1. Are hip hop and rap the same?

  2. Are hip hop and R&B the same?

Hip hop is also known as rap music, answering the first question, so both can be considered the same.

But hip hop and R&B are different and have their own standard. 

Can Hip Hop Still Hold The Number 1 Position In 10 Years?

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Hip hop is rap music where poetry rhyme plays through the tracks, whereas R&B (Rhythm and Blues) have the rap tracks, but the singers do not rap; instead, they usually sing.

So, that clears all our doubts regarding hip-hop music. We can clearly point out a similarity between hip hop and rap and the difference between hip hop and R&B.

Now, moving our focus entirely on to the hip hop genre,

Hip hop, also known as rap music, is a popular music genre developed in the United States.

Latino Americans and African Americans developed hip-hop music in the Bronx – a borough of New York City in the 1970s.

Hip hop seems to have gathered a lot of attention over the past years, but will it stay the same?

Will hip hop still be the number 1 genre in 10 years?

Let us look at some of the reports. We will promise the stuff is fascinating, to say the least!

2017 Report

According to the year-end report of 2017, Hip hop and R&B have surpassed rock music by becoming the most significant music genre in the United States.

There was a 72% increase in demand for audio streaming in the United States.

2018 Report

According to the Statista report, hip hop became the favorite music genre in the age group of 16 to 19 years in the US 2018 –

52% of respondents chose pop music as their favorite genre at the top place.

48% of respondents chose hip hop/rap music as their 2nd favorite genre.

2019 Report

According to the Statista report conducted in the US in 2019, streamed music consumption of R&B and hip-hop genres was 30.7% of all streams.

The R&B and hip-hop genres were the leading genres of all streams.

2020 Report

In a survey conducted by Statista in the US 2020, 49% of respondents preferred Rock/alternative/indie music on digital music services.

35% of respondents preferred Urban music (hip hop, R&B, etc.) on digital music services. 

Analyzing the data from 2017 to 2020, hip hop has been leading.

But the results also show that the hip-hop genre has been fluctuating year by year.

The reports are from the United States and not the overall world, not the complete picture.

But still, the data could provide some accurate information about the hip-hop genre.

And based on this data, you can have an insightful idea about hip hop positioning in the ten years.

Is Hip Hop Declining? - The hot question!

Some people believe that hip-hop is on the decline.

If compared with jazz and rock music, hip hop will not last forever in popularity.

Hip hop would not be a mainstream genre as it will only attract a small niche audience.

And, maybe people's beliefs are true, and the above reports seem to demonstrate the same.

Most little hip hop will fuse into other music genres such as Jazz, country music, and EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

The first sign of the actual decline of hip hop will begin in the year 2030 to 2050.

A new genre will replace hip hop by the 2050s, and the average number of fans enjoying hip hop will be from the senior citizens' group.

Hip hop will slowly evolve into a new music genre by fusing with another music genre. However, it will follow the same trend similar to the Rock music genre earlier.

The Future of Hip Hop

Hip hop has been evolving with time. As a result, there have been changes in hip hop's production, sound, creativity, and energy levels.

But we should not forget that hip hop is an art and has made it very far at this point. Moreover, hip hop has impacted every aspect of life.

On a side note, the Grammys have acknowledged Hip Hop.

The Grammy or Grammy Award was initially known as the Gramophone Awards.

It is the award provided by the Recording Academy for achievement in the music industry.

We can conclude that hip hop comes from experience and the creators such as Latin, Black, and Asian.

So, where does the future of hip hop lead us to?

The future of hip hop clearly depends on the people's whereabouts.

What people will do (their music preference) will impact the hip-hop genre in the coming future.


As the saying goes, the future is uncertain. The same is for hip hop – uncertainty for the future.

Will hip hop still be the number 1 genre in 10 years?

The answer is uncertain to this question.

Hip hop has been evolving, and an artist will surpass the uncertainty of the future.

Every year, new possibilities pop up for the genre of music. So there could be some new possibilities for hip-hop too.

The culture is not perfect, but it's the culture that builds the people.  

It will be there forever as long as people are ready to listen and tap their feet to hip-hop music.

So, that would be our stand on hip hop music genre. What do you think?

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