The three C’s for collaborating brand and music.

What do you reminisce and remember when the ‘Harry Potter music’ plays out of nowhere? I know the word itself made the music tingle in your hearts and fall back into the world of magic in seconds. Or you might be remembering the ‘trio’ from the movie. How strange that a piece of music could bring in so many memories and associate you with something.

How can this be possible?

What gave the ‘Harry Potter music’ the strength to ignite feelings within ourselves?

It’s because we connect to the music on a personal level. The music rekindles our passion for something. Similarly, the logos used in the movie or explained in the books, for example, the famous thunderbolt symbol of Harry Potter, the deathly hallows symbols, Gryffindor and Slytherin logo make us fall for J.K. Rowling’s imagination more and more.

Why do you think this happens?

The answer is simple. The answer you have been searching for, after all, it’s ‘branding’!

The way J.K. Rowling represented her books and the extent to which the movies associated with the books, the logos, designs, the music, and the cast all stood to deliver some message to the world. It took us somewhere and brought us back, filled with memories.

Bring personal brand into the picture - The benefits.

The impact ‘Harry Potter’ created years ago stays just like Harry’s scar in our minds. All because of a simple personal connection, the words of J.K. Rowling engraved into the strings of our hearts.

And that’s what personal branding does.

It builds a personal relationship with your audience and makes them remember you for the years to come. This is the benefit of personal branding! No matter who you are or what you specialize in, you need the audience to recognize you and fall for the magician that’s inside you. They need to appreciate you and be there for you. And that’s what big people and brands do regularly. Be it ‘Gucci’ or ‘Kim Kardashian, they have people who adore them and would like to follow them. And they made it possible because of the power of their ‘personal brand.’

So, what is personal branding?

It’s simple. Personal branding is how people perceive anything that involves you and your passion and work. You may perceive yourself in a certain way. For example, you call yourself bold, energetic, and outgoing. But your friends may call you very innocent and an introvert. So, what you are perceiving does not match the perceptions of your people. So, you need to know how people perceive you, and it’s necessary that ‘you’ build their perception regarding you.

So, how to build your perception in your audience’s mind?

Follow the three C strategy:

@jdiegoph 1. Content is king
Okay, let me clarify. What do you want your audience to recognize you? Of course, your talent or passion you want to do. And this time, it’s music.

‘Content is king’ – this sentence holds good for now, and I am sure it has good for the generations to come by. People want to know about you.

What’s a better way than introducing yourself through your music? Are you sassy? Go ahead make a sassy song. Are you professional? Go ahead and share a professional music video with the world. Whatever you are, let your music and song uphold it.

Do not fake yourself. You do not want to be Beyonce because she is already there. The only thing about you is that you are unique in your way. I know this topic has been thrown at your face many times. But that’s because it’s true. 

No matter how good you are at masking yourself, people will find out and will eventually hate you for not being realistic with them. So do not be afraid to showcase your inner-self, and remember to make it possible through your content.

Let your songs be an extended version of you.

 2. Maintain consistency in themes, logos, and colors across your platforms.

Now that we know content is going to make your brand stronger. You need more things to add to it.

Like a consistent logo all across your social media platforms and your merchandise, you can prepare your logo or hire a freelancer from to do the job for you. But be sure that you are doing it right. The logo should stand for who you are and what you want the people to perceive about you.

The second step is to follow consistency in the song themes and colors you use across your platform.

You need to know what each color represents and what it conveys to people. For example, the red dye could stand for aggression, while the pink color could be feminine.

Think about what message you want to convey to your audience, and use the colors accordingly. Also, the fonts you use should not be all over the place. Instead, please stick to one font and use it across all your platforms.

The best example for this could be the KFC or the McDonalds…refer to their colors and themes. See how consistent they are and try to be with your brand.


3. Creativity in positioning yourself.

There are many musicians and music brands out there. What makes you different from them? Even though there are thousands of competitors and tough competition in the music industry, only a few have made their names stand out and shine. They have also garnered millions to listen to their music, if not trillions of audiences.

Creativity does not demotivate you but shows how unique matters a lot in this competitive age. Just being a regular music composer is not enough. You need to build a story behind your brand and re-tell it everywhere you go.

You have to hit the right audience at the right time to share your unique story. Remember, not everyone will resonate with your uniqueness, but those who do will be there with you forever.


I hope you got to know the nitty-gritty details of musical branding. One suggestion to remember is that you need not spend all your time building your brand. Instead, make sure that you put the right amount of effort into it.

Music is your career, and you need to pursue it. But branding is a tool that will reach your music to the people who are waiting to listen and resonate. To dance and sing along your lyrics. So, put effort into your career first, but take a little bit of your time in the day to present yourself to your audience.

Let your music reach the world and beyond!


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