Moolah Moe Develops Cutting Edge Show "75th &"Broadway"

Written by: Julz Mancini

The owner of 97.5 Hip Hop Daily has done it again! The development of a new show, “75th & Broadway,” is going to send shock waves through the entertainment scene. Think back to the TV show “106 & Park”. Do you remember the anticipation you felt waiting for the next one to air? You will experience that same feeling with “75th & Broadway”! 

Moolah Moe is well known throughout the industry for introducing the world to cutting-edge talent and entrepreneurship. His new series will certainly do that and more! Not only will the show reveal a top ten countdown, but it will break through the ceiling in which every TV series has attempted in the past.

Stay tuned for “75th & Broadway” by following 97.5 Hip Hop Daily on Instagram for updates! Moolah Moe has also initiated a new page for the show itself! Click on the links below to follow both! You don’t want to miss this!



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