Max Leone Surprise His Fans With A Pop debut EP ‘Malleable’

Singer/ songwriter/ producer/ multi-instrumentalist Max Leone announces his latest EP ‘Malleable’. Crowned as the most enduring artist since the release of his debut single ‘First Grade,’ Max has quietly emerged as a tastemaker-adored anti-pop outlier. The album is set for release on April 29. While several music-centric blogs and magazines have positively acclaimed the artist’s previous performances, it is his debut EP that everyone had their eyes on. Hailing from Portland, Max concedes that growing up in his hometown had been eclectic and has contributed profoundly to his fundamentals of music. Hearing his parents create music opened the floodgates of the art for him, and his early inspirations trace back to the time when he first attended an outdoor Jack Johnson concert. The artist then realized how cosmic music could be and the scope that underlies the art.

For Max, his songs are like confessionals that pull him out of the state of denial and force him to face reality and heave art from it. The artist says that his entire creative process is quite introspective, wherein he addresses the turmoil that goes within. His songs are a peek into his vulnerable self, making him second-guess his issues before the release.

Is Max Leone Really Ruling The Anti-Pop Genre? Read further to find more.

However, with plaintive songs, such as the title track, the artist implores his fans to explore the platonic relationships they have fostered over time. According to him, in a world that idolizes romantic relationships, making a song on a lost connection resonated with his art and is a human aspect that is not touched upon often.

In his digital press conference with various musical blog sites and magazines, Max was seen articulately explaining how he does not conform to a genre and that, according to him, the whole concept is abstract. “Confining an artist to a genre is not very ideal in the coming times as everyone follows their individual qualities in the pop space,” says the artist.

On being asked if he ever got to collaborate with an artist who would it be, Max exclaimed in a heartbeat, “Frank Ocean!” He also said that he is the “most creative artist ever” and that it would be his honor to collaborate with someone so talented. According to a correspondent from the ‘Hip-Hop Indie Music,’ Max Leone’s latest title track gave similar vibes.

What’s Ahead From Max?

Do you want to know what Max’s favorite song is from the album? The answer would not be dissimilar if you have already given a listen to ‘Malleable.’ Yes, it is Escape, and the artist is excited about its video dropping soon. “If there is any song that you should definitely give a listen to, it is Escape,” says Max. Apart from this, the artist is really looking forward to doing live shows, writing more music, and basically starting his career as a performance artist with a clean slate. With a versatile spectrum of genre and themes, Malleable will give you a perspective on how things change and how the quarantine period has helped Max gain a stance, professionally and personally.

Listen to the EP today!
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