Draco_Cpt Releases His Debut EP "Regreso De Draco"

Hard work pays off, and dreams do come true. Like how the new rapper Draco_Cpt who has been in talks for a while, has finally, after all his efforts, come up with his debut EP 'Regreso De Draco,’ a can-sweep-his-fans-off-the-feet kind of collection of Spanish words to signify the entry of Draco_Cpt into the industry. The EP has been released under the record label – Independiente on 23 March 2021. 'Regreso De Draco' includes and introduces the fans to several guests, ranging from rappers to producers, giving them the essence of how 'Unity In Diversity' can do wonders. The album is put together with a bit of everything from Trap, Trap-soul to R&B and Drill.

The Main Idea Behind The Regreso De Draco EP

The album consists of 8 tracks lined up, the titles ranging from money to trust, and every single one is unique and special in its way. He mentioned that it's one of his ways to look for and embrace 'What's to come in the near future.' He shares the thought of being a visionary and has also tried and succeeded in incorporating the g(old) style and making an enticing fusion with the new trending genres of music so that people of every age can relate, indulge and drown themselves in his symphony. His keen observation and understanding of the world and its beings gives a touch of magic and meaning to every line.

About Draco_Cpt and His Inspiration

Music for Draco has always been the solution to everything, whether happy or sad or angry; music is what he finds solace in. He has been enrolled in Cape Audio College, a great place to learn sound engineering and start a career in music production. His college was his first step towards learning and improving his production style and working on his vocal delivery, and he has never stopped hustling since then. His biggest inspirations are Drake, Jay-Z, and Wiz Kid, and he is driven to pursue his big dreams and hopes for his music to impact various lives positively. He also has this aspiration of changing his and his family's life for good.

What Are You Waiting For?

As the general public and someone always looking out for some fresh tunes, it is time for you to listen to his tracks and show some love and inspiration and push this artist to keep blessing the public with more amazing songs now and then. All the eight tracks of 'Regreso De Draco' are streaming on all major platforms like Soundcloud.

You can also support him on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and appreciate his work over there to let him know the power of some good listeners and his sick beats.

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