MF Ralf Releases The Latest Single, ‘Ser Feliz.’

MF Ralf Releases The Latest Single, ‘Ser Feliz.’

Continuing to engage his die-hard fans worldwide, MF Ralf has now released his latest single, ‘Ser Feliz.’ The artist has launched the track, keeping in mind everything going on in these unprecedented times. For everyone feeling heartbroken and lost, MF Ralf invites you to take a moment to stop what you are doing, manifest, and deal with your feelings.

The artist is a visionary when it comes to music, and as a result, has infused the Reggaeton tone with his Spanish heritage to concoct something extraordinary. MF Ralf concedes that he is greatly influenced by old and new school Hip-Hop, which profoundly inspires his song-making process. Apart from that, his pride in his Spanish lineage prompts him to sing in the exquisite language altogether.

What do you need to know about MF Ralf?

MF Ralf exercises his Spanish culture through his music and strives to inspire the young ones to be proud of who they are and the culture they carry within. With his latest single, the singer wants everyone to channel the toxicity they have been harboring after getting their hearts broken. It is love and the subsequent heartbreak that helps an individual to realize his potential and work their way towards a better life and future, which the soundtrack explores extensively as a theme.

MF Ralf quotes, “I see that being a musician is who I really am,” as he navigates through the intricate themes of the soundtrack. It is not easy to have loved and lost, but unshackling those vulnerabilities and emerging as someone who has outgrown his previous self is what the artist is focussing on at the moment.

Did you know MF Ralf goes back long?

His passion for music became apparent in middle school when MF Ralf was all for knowledge of the beats and symphony. The artist has now metamorphosed into a mammoth who intends to engage his fans with riveting music.

Having collaborated with the legendary West Coast rapper Too $short, Ralf is proud of the boost that opportunity gave him as an artist. However, with a craving for everyday life, the singer now searches for happiness in the little things. And as a result, he has now made his comeback into the industry with ‘Ser Feliz.’ The sabbatical gave Ralf a perspective, made him less naive and more experienced to face any curveball that life might throw at him.

Where can you listen to ‘MF Ralf - Ser Feliz’?

By accessing the leading music streaming platforms, fans may search for their favorite shows by category and listen to fan-curated playlists that entail ‘Ser Feliz’ on top. The soundtrack is a hit among the Spanish audience worldwide, waiting for MF Ralf to release more singles and unveil his ongoing projects.

You can check out the release on all leading music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music. You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and let him know what the power of true fan-following feels like.

MF Ralf wants to make a name for himself again, and ‘Ser Feliz’ is the dawn after a long night.

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