MARGARITAVILLAIN releases latest satirical single "SO SICK" (ft. The Syrin & Cleva Thoughts)

The soundtrack will win the hearts of many as it exceptionally disses former President Trump’s stand on most things during his tenure. From his denial of the pandemic, which resulted in the death of over half a million Americans, to his problematic perception of women, Trump is the spitting image of how a person should not conduct itself in public, let alone being the president of the United States of America.

A day before the song’s release date, capitol hill was stormed, which again added a feather in Trump’s hat of stupid acts that got famous worldwide. As a result, MV delayed the song’s release date to alter the second verse to express his anger against the incident and the man’s glaring audacity to incite violence and lie about the election results openly.

How MARGARITAVILLAIN ‘So Sick’single address the wretchedness that has penetrated American society?

A public figure of the highest status creating a divide in the oldest democracy and then openly endorsing his acts and distasteful approach is the highest a person can go to prove his idiosyncrasy for ignorance.

The song also features singer The Syrin and rapper Cleva Thoughts. The trio addresses the issue of toxic masculinity in ‘So Sick’ and has tried to tackle the theme creatively. The song calls out every person with a problematic perception about the world and the movements the oppressed sections have brought into the limelight.

The song is the first among the series of three. It will be followed by ‘So Big’ and ‘So Long,’ which will further explore the underlying theme and entail a parody rap between Cleva and the deplorable character played in the song by MARGARITAVILLAIN.

What lies for MARGARITAVILLAIN  ahead?

If you haven’t heard about the rapper until now, it might be because he appeared on the scene in the late 2020s with his breakout single ‘Tiz Christmas.’ However, it isn’t too late to know him right now either, as the rapper is here to leave heads spinning and scratching like a cranial turntable. MV is on the warpath, going entirely ballistic with his catastrophic album that will make you question your very own existence. ‘The Best Dead Rapper Alive’ will drop later this year, but wait until the album makes him the best rapper alive worldwide.

Where can you listen to MARGARITAVILLAIN  ‘So Sick’?

However, in the meantime, get those Pina Coladas out because it is time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with MARGARITAVILLAIN’s latest single, ‘So Sick.’

You can stream MARGARITAVILLAIN’s latest single featuring Deep Green on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, And follow the artist on various social media platforms.

Listen to MV’s ‘So Sick’ today featuring Cleva Thoughts and The Syrin today and get your playlist a soundtrack that will motivate you in all the right ways.

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