Jus Nice Releases Soulful Latest Single’ Free’ ft. Lilly Nichole

Jus Nice Releases Soulful Latest Single’  Free’ ft. Lilly Nichole

Epoch-making, chart-topping, hip hop artist and songwriter Jus Nice releases his latest single ‘Free’ featuring Lilly Nicole. The artist has been garnering praises from fans worldwide as he has successfully established himself as the generation’s voice. Speaking to them most candidly and without a filter has what made the audience connect to him instantly.

The pandemic has not been forgiving to music fans and artists globally. With concerts rescheduled and live shows delayed, everyone misses music in its most authentic essence. As a result, Jus Nice vowed to make the experience more thrilling for his fans and people who could potentially listen to his art.

Therefore, he concocted a track that encapsulates most beautifully, and in the rawest essence, the journey his wife and him have been through and the challenges they faced. Featuring the lush vocals by Lilly Nichole, the soundtrack is blissful and will hit you in all the right spots. Fans have been going gaga left, right, and center over the release of his latest single. People are stoked that Jus Nice is back, and this time, with a music piece that will is ideal for any mood setting.

More About Jus Nice

An icon, influencer, hip hop artist, and most importantly, a husband, Jus Nice hails from South Jersey, New York, and loves to combine his passion for music and shoes in his brand. Since the release of his debut album, ‘Finally’ Jus Nice has gained fans from around the world and built his fan base from nothing to now what he lovingly calls his family.

The lead single in his debut album hit 45,000 streams in the first week. Jus Nice has the potential of a mammoth, and he channelizes all his feelings into the creative process that he puts into making songs.

Apart from music, the artist has organized several sneaker conventions in different cities across the USA, building up his reputation nationally and expanding his brand to unknown regions. Currently collaborating with Digital Storm and Hidden Talent Records, it was about time that Jus Nice hit the international market to see what is coming for him next.

Listen To Jus Nice Single, ‘Free’

Jus Nice plans to revolutionize the music industry with his soundtracks in the coming years. The artist is readying new pieces, and there’s a lot more to come on the horizon. You can listen to his latest single on all streaming platforms, including Spotify.

You can also follow the artist on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and let him know what the power of a loyal fan-base feels like. Jus Nice, like most singers, pursues music to escape and, as a result, creates a de facto creative hive with his pieces. By reaching out to his audience without a filter, the artist wants to leave an unforgettable legacy with his soundtracks.

Check out his latest single, ‘Free’ today, and get a blissful soundtrack for solemn evenings.

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