Dee H Releases Single ‘Aaliyah (Stressing Me)’

Roll up your sleeves as Dee H is here with his brand new song, and the audience is not getting enough of it. The upcoming London rapper is set to release his new music piece, and fans worldwide are going gaga over the artist’s previous performances. This hot new single is sure to sweep you off your feet as it will make you feel all the things left, right, and center.

You can play the soundtrack on chilled-out evenings since the rapper sets his music in the most aloof tone, and yet it will manage to hit you right in the spot where authentic appreciation and true commendation lies. Dee H concedes that ‘Aaliyah (Stressing Me)’ speaks to people who are flustered about their current relationships and are second-guessing their decision.

Dee H says that he wrote this song keeping in mind how he felt when he was emerging as an artist and that the entire phase, coupled with challenges and stress, made him doubt the people who were the closest to him.

However, he also accepts that every person across the universe can relate to it since the song speaks to a fan base currently in a stressful relationship and is still choosing to stay. You can listen to the music on any leading platform, and you will get to understand what the rapper is trying to convey.

What will you take away from the song?

Most coming-of-age relationships are so taxing that it takes away a part of people. You will love the person and at the same time resent them to the degree that it ends up with both individuals feeling frustrated yet guilty. And it is precisely what Dee H has tried to encapsulate in his song.

Dee H as a child had an exceptional understanding of music. The rapper, since he was a child, has always had an ear for a melody. As a result, he started his music career by writing classic RnB songs. However, as he grew up, his style evolved too. As he explored music's troves more profoundly, he discovered modern hip hop and started experimenting with his music around the genre.

What is Rapper Dee H currently up to?

His previously released single garnered gigantic applauses from fans and amassed over 273,000 views on YouTube. Sweet right? His gaining popularity further saw him collaborating with Nazzy Dinero on another sassy soundtrack. The current song is getting released in collaboration with G.M.D. Records who are handling the production part of the soundtrack.

With Dee H, it is always a ride and, mind you, a pleasant one. His songs will take you to a place where there is no coming back from, and you should believe you would not want to. The song is out, and you can listen to it on all leading music platforms, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Deezer.

Listen to it today, and if you are a true fan, hype Dee H on all social platforms!

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