Observatour releases debut album 'explAURA project'

'ExplAURA project.' is the new drug on the block as the debut album of artist Observatour from New Jersey is releasing this coming April. Touted to have been the artist's passion project, the album has been inspired by the artists' experiences over the last six years. The music that the album wishes to scrape through this effort has been molded by major thematic spheres such as heartbreak, escapism, isolation, and bettering oneself for a new world.

The album's themes have been set to orchestrate an amalgamation of music that works in terms of both relatability for the audience and the domain that is still left "unexplored." The artist aims at curating a feeling that lays the foundation of what we need to understand the world around us or even what we need to understand ourselves.

The Themes Woven Inside The 'explAURA project.'

The album has been recorded in houses and studios across New Jersey and has a taste of exploration intimate to it. Traveling, exploration, and homecoming are the album's central themes. The discography is cohesively woven by nostalgia and takes many twists and turns that keep its audience hooked.

Listening to the 'explAURA project.' as a standalone piece of work that feels like isolation. It triggers feelings of the kind that takes you away from the heartbreak and the sadness of reality. Listeners will find themselves jaunted into a world of not particularly the perfect, but the glee in the imperfect. The feeling that the album invokes is very close to the one that works like drifting away on an island and realizing that the happiness that you were looking for all along has always been a solitary sport and nothing else.

What to expect?

"The album took time, hours are etched into this piece, yet it still feels like an escape to it all. The music feels like a beautiful mess, just like my paintings and the planet we live in,"- Observatour

And perhaps, the most important thing to note in this musical endeavor is its rawness that transcends the boundaries of producing an album for the world. From the artist to the audience, the album has retained its authenticity in the most original tunes and songwriting that create an impact like none other. The world has been nothing but appreciative of the work.

Observatour has always taken a creative, experimental approach to their music, and it looks like it is paying off in all the right ways. Starting out with programs like Fruity Loops and Garage Band at age 12, Observatour's sound and style have evolved and grown with him. Intensely creative, Observatour has delved into all his creative elements, becoming involved indifferent art outlets such as painting, screen printing, and even clothing design. 

The album comes off as a fresh breeze in a claustrophobic world of hassles. Given that we have been struggling mentally and emotionally because of the pandemic, we couldn't have asked for a better time for the album to release. All set to be released on April 4th, the 'explAURAproject.' is something that audiences worldwide have been waiting for. We are sure that the music will live up to the expectations.

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