UFFY Wants To Change The Game With Latest Release EP, “Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol.2

UFFY Wants To Change The Game With Latest Release EP, “Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol.2

Rapper UFFY has released its latest EP, “Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol. 2,” today, an homage to isolation, 'Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol. 2' is the latest EP to come from rapper UFFY. The second installment to the 'Anklet Bracelet' series, 'Anklet Bracelet Tapes Vol. 2', tells the story of a modern-day narco trafficker. Right off the top, we're presented with 'Fxck the Feds', which has 'Nonstop' by Drake vibes with production from up-and-coming producer Audiodrugz of Vancouver.

The second track, 'Exile,' will be released with a music video and takes us on a journey through linear time and insecurities of love through incarceration. The project closes out with 'Macabre666' featuring collaborator and producer ‘The Yung God.’ This three-track EP is hard-hitting and is a perfect showcase for UFFY's lyrical flow and talent.

After spending 87 months in a US Federal Prison following one of the biggest pharmaceutical drug busts, UFFY has emerged triumphant and ready to claim its musical legacy. Amassing over 2 million streams on 'In My Blood' with Kai Wachi whilst he was incarcerated, UFFY has been releasing music with a vengeance as he makes up for lost time with gritty and highly polished rap releases.

Drawing his influence from Lil Wayne, yet possessing the story-telling talents of Bob Dylan, UFFY has built up an impressive online following as he continues to wow with his lyrical and melodic talents. UFFY is already hard at work on Ankle Bracelet Tapes Vol. 3 with collaborations with NXSTY, SVRITE, and YLTI, so be on the lookout!

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