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Philly's Draco Releases New "Waterproof" Project

 Philly based artist Draco debuts his 'Waterproof' project,  available now on major streaming platforms. The highly anticipated project features Jessie, Elsetinow, PhrOzen, 3T3N, Thekeenone, and the late great Rich Quick.

Draco holds not stops and unleashes a lyrical monstrosity set to have sideline rappers and fraudulent beings falling waist side. The first track, 'Waterproof' reinforces his ability to continue moving forward through the tainted seasons and grey skies. He's turning a new page and watching the old ones blaze. Over electric tones, he declares truth over lies and a life of no regrets.

Over trance induced soulful undertones and bass, Draco indulges into childhood memoirs of pain and ruthlessness in 'Chronox.' He recalls periods of putting everyone above himself and harps how crime and kindness birthed his future. 

'Nobody Cares' is a direct hit against social media and the destruction it causes including force-fed lies, an end-all to relationships, and an era of hopeless facades.  The upbeat tempos and piano keys add a slight comic relief to the critical message. 

Draco spews volatile wordplay backed by blaring horns in 'Tokyo Drifter.'  Vividly he describes an act of plotful revenge that no one will see coming and leaves no window room for self-defense. 

'Locked N Loaded' tears apart weak emcees limb from limb by means of Draco's lyrical shotgun. He delivers gritty, in your face sinister punchlines over heavy bass.  This track leads listeners right into the finale of 'You Dunno Me.' Draco sends warning shots and declares his stance in and out of the industry. With a heart built with guns and roses, he leaves a stench of fear and intimidation for rappers to inhale. 

The project displays Draco's unorthodox style as well as his candid ability to flow over diverse soundscapes including soulful tones, upbeat tempos, spellbound undertones, and intense knocking beats. Stream 'Waterproof' and connect with Draco below. 

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Watch ‘Locked N Loaded’ official video off the ‘Waterproof’ project below.

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