Yo Daddy Doe - 1 EYE OPEN (Official Video) | HHIM Interview

See sometimes things are just way harder to explain. No! I’m sick of all the talking.
[*clears throat*] It just looks different over here. - Yo Daddy Doe

HHIM: What inspired you to come up with the Album “Black Fruit”

YDD: A couple things actually. Three, to be exact. I wanted to make music that originally inspired me to become an Artist. I also wanted to tell a story to whomever listening not just to the music but connecting to an imagination. There is a real life story behind the concepts. And I guess, finally, being more confident and embracing having gone blind. I look at my older stuff like “yeea, I was going through it.”

HHIMWhat is your state of mind while creating music?

YDD: I think I write a lot in dreams. Aight so boom! like visuals trip me out. The videos for joints I have shot, either the visual matches the scene or story in my mind that I want to tell and the writing starts after. Or the bop and that groove sets in and the words flow out. Peep! On ‘Don’t Hang Us’ close your eyes. I'm going back to when I lived out in Dallas, That beat has an Old western bounce. It just came out. Or the intro YDD. Inttos, to me, want to be on some addressing the people, set the tone, lets get some things straight right quick. It’s like the intro to a movie like “ A film by YDD studios.” So I wanted to bring something I can perform, talk thru, stand on a podium, get my shit off like yea just so y'all know, pre- post blind I been different. I approach different. It’s just me. All me.

HHIM: What are the key points within the album that the people should be listening for?

YDD: N.F.T.I. man. He lives in SC. He produced every joint. We started ‘Black Fruit’ with Blaxploitation films in mind. It’s a Groove. A Lot of Soul. And lyrics… people overlook because of sound or the look or cause they just can’t wrap they head around the ideas and concepts. ‘Black Fruit’ From top to bottom it's plays like an audiobook. Of course run with joints that really connect with you. Some joints are my take or approach to other sounds or however that goes. Suggestion: Put a Couple In rotation and let in rock with you.

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