Memphis Artist La'Falle Discusses Music Ventures Thus Far: Collabs With Wikid Films for La'FallElvis Presley"


Memphis, Tennessee artist La'Falle has done it again! Just a few days ago, he announced the premier of his new song with visuals, "La'FallElvis Presley"! Collaborating with Wikid Films was the perfect strategy to ensure the success of the project. 

La'Falle is known for combining a plethora of genres, bringing a different flavor to the scene! His fans love him and his audience continues to grow as he wows everyone he comes in contact with! 

Between his fashion sense, musical abilities, and his charm in front of the camera, La'Falle is certainly going places in the entertainment business! As an independent artist, he has accomplished so much already!

With all of his recent success, La'Falle shared a message to other indie artists striving to make an impact in the business, "I would tell others to stay humble and keep GOD first. I would tell them to invest into themselves and trust the process. Don’t expect nothing from nobody." La'Falle is known for giving back to the community and strives to make a difference. He knows what it's like to hit rock bottom and work hard to regain what was lost. 

The dynamic music video has already hit almost 2k views in a few short days! Be sure to check it out, subscribe, and leave a comment!

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