Sleepy Loco's Numbers Continue to Climb Following Release of "In Mook We Trust" & Official Music Video "I Can't Feel"


We all know how crucial the first quarter is to the artists within the music industry. Sleepy Loco unveiled his project, "In Mook, We Trust" during January and he continues to be the talk of the sound waves. With his loyal fan base and impeccable reputation within the industry, Sleepy Loco's numbers have increased dramatically since the beginning of his career.

The project is packed with life experience, a variety of emotions, and transparency. Sleepy Loco is no stranger to the life of struggle and he is here to ensure that each and every one of his listeners is motivated to climb the uphill battle no matter how difficult. The tracklist is as follows:

1) Be Myself
2) Spaceship from Memphis
3) 100 Million Dollar Dreams Ft. Don Trip
4) Always Workin
5) I Can’t Feel
6) The Heaviest of Hearts

Just three weeks following the release of his official music video for "I Can't Feel," Sleepy Loco's views have already reached over 6k views!

As we await more captivating content from Sleepy Loco, make sure you stream the project and follow him on social media! Stay tuned! I'll be covering more of this artist's musical journey in the upcoming months! It's going to be an amazing year for him!

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