Balistic Man Continues to Make Headlines Amid Drama With Cuban Link; Releases "Buffalo Soldier" & "Words of Wisdom" as Response


Social media is the perfect place to catch words exchanged, screenshots as proof, and tune into the drama, especially in Hip Hop. Lately, Balistic Man has been making headlines and took it to the booth releasing, "BUFFALO SOLDIER", firing shots at Cuban Link, a former Terror Squad member. 

Balistic Man gave me the inside scoop on how it all started. He expressed, "I was attending Fat Joe's "BOOK OF JOSE" book release at the Apollo Theatre made a post paying homage to the legendary Bronx rapper who paved the way for many legendary acts such as Big Pun, Dj Khaled, Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine & more. Cuban Link, feeling bitter, commented on my post."

As he walked me through the events that unfolded, I read Cuban Link's comment, which stated, "What up Gangsta? You left my name out. Make them pay how they weigh (directing his comment towards Fat Joe). Yours truly Cuban Link, an official Buffalo Solider, I ain't going to hold ya".

In response to Cuban Link's statement, Balistic Man released a track titled "BUFFALO SOLDIER," which further exacerbated the tension between the two. Cuban Link lashed out, calling Balistic Man an attention whore and trash, among other choice words. Balistic Man headed to the studio again, soon unleashing another single directed at Cuban Link titled "WORDS OF WISDOM." 

Balistic Man didn't hold back, ensuring he was clear and concise. He described Cuban Link's career "Brief & slow & he hasn't been the same since the beef with Joe." Following the release of the two tracks, Balistic Man's loyal fans paid attention closely to cheer on their favorite Buffalo rapper. Since words were exchanged and tracks were released, Balistic Man has been interviewed by several platforms, including The Inphamus Hour hosted by the one and only Inphamus Amadeuz.

One thing is certain: Balistic Man never backs down and utilizes every experience to get in the booth and create masterpieces. His most recent album, "Street Legacy," continues to soar through the music industry. The album features Benny The Butcher, Maino, and more! The official music video for "Worked Hard For This" won the "Best Video of the Year" award at the 716 Music Awards in 2022! Balistic Man is certainly an artist to look out for! He is a star in the making! 

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