Zae Rose Releases New Single 'Venom'

Zae Rose

Zae Rose dives into a Drill sound very different from his past releases. NYC rapper Zae Rose's hit new single "Venom" is a testament to his incredible brilliance as an artist. He criticizes the New York City rap scene in this new song for its musicians' refusal to branch out musically and their constant confinement to the Drill rap subgenre. Venom demonstrates to Zae Rose that he can succeed and outperform the competition even in a new rap environment. It also serves as a criticism of other NYC rappers for their apparent lack of flexibility. A game-changer in the US hip-hop industry, this song features crisp, well-matched music and a catchy bouncing hook. It's one to notice, with its rhythmic voice flow and never-ending appealing lyrics.

New Yorker Zae Rose has quite a reputation to live up to when it comes to being an Indie artist. Nevertheless, his extensive record shows that he meets this challenge. He tries to "write from the heart" and incorporate his energy into all his work. With three albums now under his belt, this young rapper—the future of NYC rap—can be expected to have a rising discography of brilliance HipHop. 

 Check out our Interview with Zae Rose and his new single "Venom."

What First Got You Into Music?

I first got into music as a means of verbal self-defense; actually, it's a funny story. In middle school, I got into a little dispute with the girls I went to school with. They were teasing, of course, and I figured, "well, since I can't beat them, I need to find a way to get them back." So I wrote about seven pages worth of raps (I was ad-libbing songs back then, nothing was original😂 til much later). I read said raps to all of my friends, then soon after, the entire middle school knew what I said and loved it and found it hilarious yet skillful! How's that for getting the last laugh?

Who Inspired You To Make Music?

My first and biggest inspiration was Marshall Bruce Mathers III

How Would You Describe The Music That You Typically Create?

My music is nuanced by neo-expressionism. I've only dropped about three songs on platforms, but I promise they only partially represent what I stand for. Instead, I prove that I'm just as versatile as any local artist I compete with (yes, competition). I've got a lot coming in the next two months, and I can't wait to show you just how versatile I am!

Who Would You Most Like To Collaborate With On A Song?

Speaking of solo, I have a few potential collaborations on the way. I will answer this with a local artist to keep it as realistic as possible while still aiming high. Her name is Lola Brook, and she's AMAZING on the mic! The best female rapper out now.

What Would You Be Doing Now If It Weren't For Your Music Career?

Well, I'm not technically 20 yet, so I'm doing everything I would be doing anyway 😂😂 But exterminating and school for sure until I save up enough to invest or graduate.

Which Famous Musicians Do You Admire?

Only three musicians I genuinely admire have made a lasting impression on not only my music but my daily life as well. Those 3 are Eminem, J Cole, and Drake. IN THAT ORDER!

What Is The Best Advice You've Been Given?

So far, the best advice I've gotten is to observe the landscape. I'm a lyrical type of rapper, so the songs I have out now are a testament to my versatility (that's the word of the day)

What Is One Message You Would Give To Your Fans?

My message is that it's going to be a whole lot more of you soon, so if it's not so easy to see you then, I'll remember you from now, and I will never forget faces.

What's Next For You?

My first project dropped on streaming platforms and a feature.

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